How To Discord Nitro 3 Months Free | 3 Methods

Method #1

The Classic Refund Method
This first method is self-explanatory, but I will go into steps for this method just to ensure you are
able to do this method.

  1. Buy Discord Nitro (Recommended to buy the $50 or the $100, not the monthly one).
  2. After purchasing, wait 6-8 hours. This is to make the story to your bank/store company more believable.
  3. Contact your bank, or google/Apple support and tell them that your younger brother, or son spent money on your card and you would like a refund (do not contact discord as they will take your nitro away)
  4. Make up some story to the person, be friendly to them and do not forget to always be professional when talking to an online worker. The nicer you are the more likely you are to get your refund.
  5. If they do refund it, great your work is done! But if they do not contact them again in a couple hours. Only resort to discord if you have no other options. If this method does not work through your bank/store, then please let me know. Although you will lose nitro if you refund through discord you will not lose your money.
  6. Enjoy your 1-year discord nitro! If discord still takes away your nitro contact them saying you never got the payment refunded and you should get it back!

Method #2

Promotion Method

This Second Method is also self-explanatory, but this one will only work during certain times of the year!

  1. Be on the lookout for discord nitro promotions, Xbox recently held one for 3 months of nitro and 6 months of Spotify premium for only $1!
  2. When you find a promotion, stock up! Be sure to read any fine print to see when the promotion ends, and when the products in the promotion expire!
  3. Either use the nitro or resell it. Expect promotions to pop up around Holiday times
  4. Enjoy your almost free or free nitro! If the nitro involves you subscribing to a subscription do not forget to unsubscribe after you use/sell the nitro!
  5. Some promotions may only apply to certain regions, so owning a vpn is recommended

Method #3

SE Method

The Contact Method involves contacting discord support, this method is the hardest to do and is also the only truly free method.

  1. Contact Discord support, say you bought discord nitro, but you did not receive it (go all out with the $100 nitro or make it more believable with a $5 or $10 monthly fee)
  2. Tell the support person you bought discord nitro, you were charged for the nitro by your bank/store, and never got the nitro benefits
  3. You will probably need good photoshop skills for this method, as this method will need to use some convincing. Take a payment from your PayPal or bank, and photoshop it to make it look like it was from discord, and have the price point be the advertised amount + tax (varies on location)


Your account can get closed if you abuse (or even randomly) e.g. 1st and 3rd method.



Get here:


This one only works if you have never claimed or bought discord nitro on your account. A credit card is also required to claim the 3 month free nitro

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