How To Crack Online Accounts Easily | Beginners Friendly!

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download Openbullet Anomaly:…aly-Mod-Hosting This is the program that we will be using to crack accounts, and the anomaly version is simply a plugin that comes with a lot of tools that we can use.
  2. So to crack accounts, you will need 3 things. A config, combolist and some proxies. I will explain to you how to get all 3
  3. So firstly, the config. When starting out, you won’t know how to make your own config, so I suggest finding configs on the config section of the forum and downloading them. You can always take a look at how people have built their configs and try to emulate them.
  4. Now for a combolist, since the combolist section was removed from and, I recommend using databases. You can always find them by google searching insert database leak download.
  5. Finally, you’ll need proxies for most websites, as they usually ban you after a certain amount of attempts. There’s not really a good solution here, but I do have a private method for getting proxies in my ebook coming out soon. For now I recommend getting proxies in proxies section or using https://proxyscrape…free-proxy-list They’re not the best of quality but they will do for most configs.
  6. Now that you have all 3 parts of the puzzle. Put each of them in Openbullet and press start, and wait for the hits to come in.

Happy learning!


Hey right on thank you. When I read your headline I thought I need to go check it out, kind of surprised about the view count. This is quality info people a missing out on. I’m looking forward to checking out your ebook. Thanks again!

Thank you ! The repository is empty on