How To Buy Crypto Without Verifying Your Identity ✨

In this article, i will offer you a method to exchange Visa, MC, Skrill, CSGO Skins, Google pay, Apple Pay, and a few more for the Cryptocurrency of your choice.

What do we need?

  • Steam account with CS:GO on it
  • Crypto exchange/wallet account
  • Money

Steam account 1:
Most of you probably have a steam account, if not you can create one here _ steam

Cryptocurrency exchange/wallet account 2:
We will be creating Kucoin account, but if there’s any other wallet/exchange you prefer you can use that. Register here _ kucoin

_ - _ - _ Step 1 _ - _ - _
Log in to CSGO Market using your steam account.
[Image: Screenshot-9.png]

Click the deposit button in the top right corner. (Link)

[Image: Screenshot-43.png]

Choose your preferred payment method and the amount you want to deposit and top up your balance.

[Image: Screenshot-2-1.png]

the website will freeze your deposited amount for 5 days. after 5 days you’ll be withdrawing your balance as Tron(cryptocurrency) to your wallet/exchange.

[Image: Screenshot-10.png]

  • Tron has lowest withdrawal fee (5%)

  • You can use Kucoin to Swap that Tron to your preferred Cryptocurrency

  • If you have a problem depositing money on let me know. (there are couple of reasons why that may be happening)

  1. New steam account
  2. Not having CSGO on your Steam