How To Be A Cracker ⭐


Let me first tell you the Basic difference between HACKING & CRACKING accounts:
#Hacking: we target a particular user or account.
#Cracking: we target about millions of users at once and at a same time.

  • The best thing about Cracking is that we get Accounts with passwords of millions of people & they can’t even noticed.
  • Cracking becomes untraceable when done by using vpn & PROXIES.
  • There are many sellers over Telegram,, who sell cracked accounts of NETFLIX,AMAZON,SPOTIFY…etc.

So To Start You Cracking You Need :

  1. A cracker (more later)
  2. A proxylist (more later)
  3. A combolist (more later)

Step 1
First things first, you should get a virtual machine in case you download something sketchy.
I use VirtualBox personally. (
Once you install virtual box, you’re going to click “New.”
You don’t change any of the settings so just click through the prompts.
Once you finish, click on “Settings,” then go to “Storage.”
Click on the disc and then look to the right box.
There should be another small disc, click that then choose “Choose Optical Disc File.”
Go here to get your Windows ISO (, and,and) get a Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 ISO.
Choose this file as the Optical Disc FIle. Finally, boot up the Virtual Machine.

Step 2.
Once you’re on the VM, download Storm from the official site (
and download these configs (configs are used to tell Storm what website to test the accounts on) for Storm.
Open up the Storm file and then go to “Configurations.” Put the configs that you downloaded in here.
Open the Storm application and select the config you want to use. Before we start using Storm, you need some proxies and a combolist.

Step 3.
To get proxies and a combo list, you can use nulled and just find the combolistsand proxies that people post,
or you can buy higher quality and private ones. (NOTE: You shouldn’t sell accounts from public combolists).
Once you get them, go back to Storm. Click on the three lines in the top left and go to “Combo & Proxy.”
Put in the combolist and mark the proxy you downloaded, and put it in.
Go back to home and then choose how many threads you want (It’s the box that should say 1 by default).
I personally use 100. Your hits should show up in the “Stats & Lists” tab.

  • FIRST STEP: How To Make ComboList
    you need to FIND,SEARCH and make a list of KEYWORDS. Not just any keywords but only the ones related to the website whose premium accounts you want to generate.
    for eg: NETFLIX you need keywords related to this website only.Here’s how its done:
    Select the category you want to target, eg: Gaming, Streaming, etc
    Let’s say you chose gaming, then go to and search for topics related to gaming, eg: GTA, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc.
    Now once you get a lot of keywords in your notepad, change the language to many different languages.
    Then look up in which country the service is most popular and change it to the country’s specific language and finally mix all of these with the original.


  • if you want to get some high quality keywords you need to upgrade your membership in this FORUM there you will have a lot of HQ KEYWORDS.

  • Or simply you can find HQ Keywords by searching on GOOGLE.

    You need to DOWNLOAD some tools it used for CRACKING:

  • Now the basic tool used for Cracking is THE SLAYER LEECHER.
    NOTE: Always Run Cracking Tools On SandBox Or VM(Virtual Machine)


  • Insert the keywords in Slayer Leecher.
    The Slayer Leecher then by using the given Keywords provide the List of SQL vulnerable Websites which can be attacked.

  • FOURTH STEP:- After retrieving the list, the Hacker attacks these vulnerable websites and steals its user data.

  • The data of millions of people gets exposed and out of that they pic only their IDs(emails,usernames) and passwords.
    Trust me,the numbers are in millions.


  • The combinations of millions of ids and their passwords is called COMBOS.

  • if you want to get some high quality COMBOS you need to upgrade your membership and you will have a lot of HQ COMBOS.

    Now you have the combo for like 10M accounts, not all of them are working.
    So you have to check each of these accounts individually so, there comes CHECKERS for each of the service like Checker for NETFLIX,Checker for AMAZON,Checker for HOTSTAR
    ,etc.These checkers will check the list of all the working premium accounts & people sell them at cheap rate.

Good Luck


And when/where/how do you use “CHECKERS?”

No one can speak here, you better make yourself useful by searching and reading deep forums to do such tasks, These articles explain how to do stuff, it don’t cover every point with instructions on using tools/checkers, You can use GitHub to learn most on checkers or try following some deep private resources, black/whitehat or similar! Good luck!


Prometheus has never let us down with his generous contributions; cheers, buddy.

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