Help on this error message when logging into Google account

Hey guys,

Can anyone help me with this issue?
I tried to log in to one of my google accounts today using Edge and Chrome but I get the message “Something went wrong” and it redirects to an error page, but when I log in to the same account using Brave, it logs in with no issues. Also, the same email is active on my Gmail app right now.

What is the solution to this error I get on both browsers?

Thanks in advance,

clear the cookies and restart the browser.
Else reset the browser and you’ll be good to go.

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Your issue may be caused by your browser. Please optimize your browser.
This should clean up unnecessary clutter in your hard disk that cached by browsers and improve your browser’s performance.

Remove/clean Cookies/cache:
*For Google Chrome: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Browsing Data.
*For Firefox: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Now.

If it doesn’t help then follow these steps mentioned below.

If you have any adblockers or GRAMMARLY installed please disable them as such services have issues with them frequently (it’s mentioned on Google forums I saw while ago).

Troubleshooting, have you tried the following?

  • Enabled third-party cookies?
  • Cleared your cookies and cache?
  • Accessed the settings to try resetting? Reset browser settings
  • Tried using in an incognito window?
  • Tried using Chrome with all extensions and plugins disabled?
  • Tried a different web browser?
  1. Make sure your PC doesn’t contain any malware or adware installed that affecting the browser and registry file.
  2. Make sure the browser do not contains any unwelcome Add-ons or Extension, disable or remove if you see any of them.
  3. Try disabling A/V program.
  4. Try updating the browser.
  5. Else, reset them to the default settings.
  6. Clean uninstall and reinstall the browser again. (You can use Revo uninstaller or iobit installer to clean uninstall them)

Note: whatever step you follow, close and restart the browser on every step to affect. Good luck!


Hey SaM,

I tried all of the above before creating my topic here. I even uninstalled the browser with Revo Uninstaller with advanced removal to ensure that if there’s any corrupt files, it won’t be an issue after I re-install, but the same problem persists, even with no extensions including no adblockers. So, here are all the facts till now:

  • I cannot login to my primary Google account from Chrome or Edge.
  • I can, however, login to other Google accounts from Chrome and Edge, other than my primary Google account.
  • I can login to my primary Google account from Brave as well.

This is making me crazy, as I know for sure that the account is not suspended or blocked since I can sign in to it from Brave, and if the problem was with the browser itself, why a clean new installation didn’t solve the issue?