[GIVEAWAY] WordPress Themes & Plugins

-Hi there guys, I hope you´re all doing well today!

I think it´s time I give something back to this community. I know I don´t have the reputation or history here but in the short time I´ve been here, 1Hack has provided me with amazing value.

Anything from free courses, money-making methods, how to get a free paid account for certain services, among other things.

So, this is how I would like to add some value here.

I have an unlimited and yearly membership on a WordPress vault that has over 3,000 WordPress themes and plugins.

All 100% clean and safe to use. They are distributed under the GPL license agreement.

So, if you need/want a Premium WordPress theme or plugin, let me know what it is so I can search for it on this vault and, if it is available, I will gladly download and share it via PM.

PM me @RogerM for the plugin, to avoid getting the DMCA issues!

@moderators - Never share any premium stuff directly at an open thread, as leechers will get all the accounts banned very quickly! The best way is to share them is, via PM manually, with the right Instructions to use, if there is any!