[Giveaway] Seed4.Me VPN | 6 Month License

Seed4.Me VPN is a simple, easy-to-use VPN application for all your devices iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, PC and Mac.

Giveaway details

  • Product name: Seed4.Me VPN
  • Website: https://seed4.me/
  • License type: 6-months
  • Platform: Windows, macOS, iOS – iPadOS, Android.
  • Coupon Code:


  • Note: This offer for new users only

Terms of the offer

  • Subscription is provided for 1 year (Unlimited Traffic)
  • Subscription for all your devices
  • Free updates + free tech support


– Create a new Seed4.Me VPN account here: https://seed4.me/users/register
– Use the coupon code above to get 6-months for free
– Your email address has to be confirmed before getting access to VPN servers.

Feature Highlights

  • 30+ VPN locations
  • One account for all your devices

Enjoy! :+1:


I’m already subscribe this VPN for a few months ago, in my opinions this is one of the best vpn service that I use, with good service support and good speed (almost no drop speed), this vpn is good to unblock neflix in my country because my ISP is block it :joy:

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Another Boom HeadShot from Unlce SAM :dark_sunglasses:


Thanks Sam Appreciate it :innocent:


Thanks and hope they not our data :blush:


thanks so much :smiley:


What is the coupon code bro?

“STAYHOME” its in the original post. :roll_eyes:

Sorry bro i was facing network issue thats why not able to see the code … btw thanks

Great Share looking for VPN to test for some time let see if ok means will subscribe


kya baat hai sir awesome gift

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does it have forwarding port

Thanks mate

To Get Free For Lifetime Just Go To This Website And Register With Any Temporary or Random Mail.

Get The Key After Registering It As Shown Below:

Now Copy The Key And Goto Your Account And Click On Extend Access.

Paste The Key On Voucher And Reedem It

So You Will Get Extra 1 Year
Repeat The Steps Again With Random Mail. Extend Your VPN Enjoy :slight_smile:


Just to highlight some comments from this link to SharewareOnSale that Appu_Creationz posted (about Seed4Me):

This software leaks the DNS in the background. If you’re using it and you think your hidden, you’re not. There are several DNS leak test sites on the Web to test this if you have doubts.

and also:

There are a couple of things about this software that warn me to STAY FAR AWAY from this software:

  1. There appears to be no P2P torrent support. The name of the company and software is seed4me, which strongly implies that the company and software are built upon seeding, presumably torrents, which the software doesn’t support “to anonymize; you can still torrent, but most users will be under the misapprehension that their IP is hidden”. This means that SOMEONE other than the user is seeding something with this software, most likely the company. My guess is that the company chose this name to market to other companies who pay for seeding adverts by injecting outside info into the stream after obtaining target information from user traffic.

  2. This brings me to my next objection: the Terms of Service are Draconian (that is being nice) at best. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE FOR THIS SOFTWARE PRIOR TO INSTALLING.

If you read the excellent post by user AP87 in the reviews section for this software (you are currently in Discussion, not reviews), he goes into great detail about the horrible TOS. You can read those reviews at this link (look for user AP87) https://sharewareonsale.com/s/free-seed4-me-vpn-100-discount#submit_review.
In his excellent review of the TOS, there is one part that should make your hair stand on end. While there are plenty of other parts of the TOS that alone would give me great pause about this software, this particular part easily decided for me to NOT INSTALL.

Seed4.Me reserves the right to install, manage and operate one or more software, monitoring or other solutions designed to assist us in identifying and/or tracking activities that we consider to be illegal or violations of these ToS’s. ”

They reserve the right to INSTALL, MANAGE AND OPERATE ONE OR MORE SOFTWARE…OR OTHER SOLUTIONS… They are saying they have the right to install ANYTHING on your computer that “(they) consider to be illegal or violations”. Note that it doesn’t say IS illegal or violations, but what (they) consider. So if someone at seed4me CONSIDERS (opinion) there MIGHT be a TOS violation, they can install any software they want, as long as it, in their opinion, will “assist us in identifying and/or tracking activities that we CONSIDER to be illegal or (TOS violations).

If you install this software and thus agree to the TOS you are essentially authorizing the company to “manage or operate” ANY software they want on your device.



Website: https://seed4.me

Promo Codes:


ENJOY :heart:


Woah thats a heck lot!

Just wondering do i have to use all the codes for 6 months, or indivudually they each give 6 months of premium

6 Month Access

6 Month Access

Coupon Code: TOOSHEH

Coupon Code: S4M


Appreciate the share, don’t be cheap!


Thanks man


Hey! ThankYou So Much

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