[GET] SEMrush Course for SEOs - SEMrush Certification Course for SEO 📖

[FREE] SEMrush Course for SEOs - SEMrush Certification Course for SEO :open_book:


Welcome to the SEMrush Certification Course for SEOs!

This free course focuses on SEMrush tools for SEOs and explains how to use them. The course is also designed to equip you for the SEMrush Certification Exam for SEOs.


You will find out how to do initial research for your SEO campaign with the help of SEMrush.


You will learn how to efficiently manage your SEO campaigns with the help of SEMrush


You will learn how to track your efforts and adjust your strategy if necessary using SEMrush tools
Course Agenda

This four-hours-long course focused on helping you build an understanding of SEMrush tools for SEOs consists of three modules and fourteen lessons.

Each lesson is made up of four parts:

  • A video tutorial overview.
  • A video featuring experts’ hints and tips.
  • A ‘Read Further’ section, which we strongly recommend that you study as it contains crucial information for passing the exam.
  • A quiz that will help you practice your skills.
  • SEMrush Practice

We encourage you to explore on your own the SEMrush tools, features and reports that you learn to use by opening them in a new tab simultaneously and following the steps outlined in the lessons. Practice makes perfect!


Certification Exam

After completing the course, you will have the necessary knowledge to take and pass the SEMrush Certification Exam for SEOs.
If you are already a confident SEMrush user, you can bypass the educational part and test your understanding right away by taking the exam. Upon passing it, you will earn a certificate, proof that you have successfully completed the course.

First register for free at semrush.com

Then once you’re logged in go here and start the course.



Not working anymore

kindly describe the error, screenshot would be good to review error.
use first link to register then use 2nd link to start course. 2nd link remain useless unless you register.

Not working… First registered and then opened that link as described… Still no chance…

Anyway thanks for the time spent on this

Its working check now please

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Yeah It is working …

I successfully enrolled now!! THX pal! moreover, I also enrolled in other courses too.

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Nice share. Working fine.

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I have just tested. And can confirm still works. Thumbs up!

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