[GET] Premium Uplay, Hulu, Nord VPN, CrunchyRoll Accounts Website

A few days ago I saw a post.

And commented this

I got a reply this morning form @ahmedayman4a, but It was a little too late cause I have already made a website similar to https://h-gen.xyz/.

Link - https://jovialpremium.ga

Accounts Provided :

  • Nord-VPN with expiration dates.
  • Hulu with Subscription Details (Use US VPN or Proxy to watch).
  • Crunchyroll with Subscription Details.
  • Uplay with Games.

Grievances Not Fixed(Which are present in https://h-gen.xyz/) :

  • Shortlink to get Account Details. (I am Broke)

Grievances Fixed(Which are not present in https://h-gen.xyz/) :

  • If an Account detail does not seem to work, Refresh the page to get another.

I have added this feature cause it is frustrating af after going through a short-link to get a not working account(Which I cannot give a guarantee about). But please don’t use this feature to leach the accounts or share them. You can share the link but not the accounts.

  • Most Accounts are provided with Expiration or Subscription details.

Mirrors :

  1. https://jovialpremium.ml - Now Up for Visit from 2020-02-26T00:00:00Z. New Theme Added.


Note : if one of the site is not working visit any of the other site mentioned in the list. I will update you when these sites are ready to go.
Warning : These sites are not ready yet so don’t visit right now. These are for future references.

Future :

I will be adding more accounts such as:- Hotstar, Origin, PornHub, Spotify, Grammarly, Minecraft in upcoming updates so keep visiting.

Feedback :

I am not much of a web developer so If you have some tips in mind as to how to improve the site feel free to tell me.
I have Problems in :

  • Database Management (As to where the account database is stored).



Awesome work’s
Please onehack members help him what he needs about web


I can vouch it works, and it’s a pretty seamless yet familiar experience. Totally worth it. Kudos and good luck! :+1:


Awesome site, what do we do if we find a account that doesn’t work?


Refresh the Page… But Don’t misuse(leech or share) working account. I may have thousands of accounts but I don’t know the number of banned accounts. So keep that in mind.


That’s what I mean, should I PM you with the login details so you can test it and remove it?


See I am having problem in the data management section. So Its better I not touch what I set up with high difficulty. I will study and keep updating the website. New accounts will be uploaded every other day. So let it be.


Bro change your web theme not looking good.
Something different like dark amoled

Inform him if banned account detected

Nice one!!!
Loving each and every moment on this site, I can’t seem to get enough of the knowledge being shared on here.

Way to go 1hack!!!


can u amswer here caz this will help us

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I changed the background. I will change the theme later. I am having some ssl problems. Lets deal with that first.


Looking something good background but not unique.

He said let it be.

Great work! Kudos!

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Is it really about the theme? If it works, I don’t really care about it

Thanks OP. Works like a charm
Is it possible to have other types of account like Origin or Netflix in the future?

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I will update those soon… This is just the start test. Though netflix is a little difficult not sure if I can provide that.

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Working well, superp effort! keep up the good work


New Mirror Up for Visit - https://jovialpremium.ml
New Theme Added.

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