[GET] NetFlix 1 Month Ultra-HD

Guys use nordvpn …cuz it’ll be helpful
and do as per above instructions.
Thanks bro.
But i’ve a question after 1 Month of subscription can i use this trick again with different email id ?

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As long as the trick doesn’t get busted… you are good to go.

Netflix will patch this trick soon , peoples are making 10 account istead of 1 ,

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Please close the topic, or say its expired cause its patched and itll be helpful for people instead of wasting time.

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Thanks bro. It works.

Choose Direct debit as payment method. Then you won’t have to verify number. :slight_smile:

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bro can you kindly tell how you can byPass german Phone cerification

any method for verify the phone number ? tried several methods. not working anything.

Guys guys, Please, use the search engine instead of seeking someone to give you ready-made solutions. make yourself useful please!

Isn’t it enough to get your needs?

Good luck! :+1:


Its Working, you only need to French or Italy IBAN insted Germany IBAN.

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Put French or Italy IBAN insted Germany IBAN and it will work :wink:

Not working anymore