How to By pass SMS/Phone verification 100% Free 📞

How to By pass SMS/Phone verification 100% Free :telephone_receiver:

Many sites now require a phone verification to help combat spam and people making more than one account. I recently found a great app to avoid giving away your real phone number to verify your account.

NOTE: you will need a android phone or blue stacks(

Head on over to the google play store and get the app “textPlus: Free Text & Calls”
Here are the steps to set it up:

  • 1. When you start the app you will be asked to create an account, Just put in BS info there is no email verification required.

  • 2. Select the three lines to view your profile, then select the “get new number”/“customize my number” button

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  • 3. Select “FREE”


  • 4. Now select a state important: Only some states work, and others have very limited area codes. From what I’ve found Texas has the most so select that.


  • 5. Select an area code then select “Get Custom Number” then “OK”


  • 6. Then Solve that CAPTCHA


Now input that number in to any site and you will get a message in the app (View messages with the text bubble icon on the top). You can receive unlimited texts/calls.

I hope this tut helped you.


Thanks buddy. :slight_smile:

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or you can just use textnow . com
This method doesn’t work on Facebook now tho