[GET] NetFlix 1 Month Ultra-HD

Notes: Real email ids are recommended.
(I used incognito tab in Chroome)

  1. Connect To Germany VPN. (I used Nord and it worked)
  2. Select Direct Debit in Payment Page.
  3. Go to this site
  4. Get all the details from the page and for otp use Textnow.
    (You can use your mobile no. too because this time you can change the country)

(Choose the Ultra-HD Plan :wink:)

Enjoy your Netflix Premium.


Thanks for sharing. I will try.

Thank you. You saved my time.

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:wink::wink: Legit IBAN = BOOM

how to verify mobile no textnow dont have german number

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Can’t verify number

Anyone who facing otp issue…

You can change the country and use your personal no. or textnow no. (change the country code to USA)


Can’t verify number and can’t change area code locked to germany

This trick is patched now,


thx for share :smiley: ,

Working!! Thanks

@Tech_Hackerz I Got Ultra HD Premium Version Thank You Dude

thanks bro!

Thanks bro.But do we have to use vpn while watching videos?

Yuppp Its working… thanks a lot brother

thnks man this works thanks a lot awesome share.

unable to change country code in netflix.
unable to very phone number help!!!

bro what you did for verifying phone number !!

How dude can you guide us

Can’t change phone number during transaction. Netflix has patched the system :slight_smile: