Get MonoLisa Font For Free :)-1

MonoLisa is a font family designed for developers… The complete family contains all 14 styles.

Try it and reply to me :slight_smile: !


Are you exposing this?

wow… thanks for share

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Awesome, thank you mate. It 's a really good font.

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No, that thread exposes the personal edition with 2 styles. This thread exposes the full edition with 14 styles according to OP.

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Great share dude. Thanks.

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Thanks mate! great font and I am really excited to use it for coding :v: :blush:

The link doesn’t work. Somebody could share it again?

Thanks was looking for that😁

My bad, seems my work’s computer has something that block me mediafire… with another device works perfect!

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Is this hacking or just sharing of faves! Just asking, no offense. Respect.

I’ve installed and use your fonts, thanks for sharing man… :smile: :smile:

Thank you for sharing

Thank you so much.

try jetbrains mono… similar , free and personally better…

So Cool Man