[GET] Mega.nz pro lite account for an year

Mega.nz is providing free Pro lite account for one year…for students
[email protected]
Mail to the above address stating that u want free mega account for educational purpose and provide some random reason.
If they ask to send details from ur edu mail just say ur college/school doesn’t have any edu mail (only if u have no edu mail) . u’ll get an mail in return asking to submit ur ID or ADMISSION FORM just submit ur ID card pic
You’ll receive an code ,redeem it and boom u got premium mega.nz account for an year

100% working ,I tried it
You’ll get pro lite account for an year


What’s the account storage?



Link Please, I try…

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Oh wow, Mega has leaked a link the get Pro with free of charge, yayyyy!!!

Have you ever read the OP?

People these days (I believed) just read the book no more than 8 lines/day.


Totally agree with you.

Anybody got any response from Mega? I mailed them using my college email, however it has been 3 days but no response.

I received an answer asking for more details as stated by the first post. But they asked for every thing at once… Now I’m waiting for the last answer now.

Edit: Got it.

At least they responded. I used my own college ID, but still got no answer from them.

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They responded within 1 day. Also 7 of my friends whom I referred to got the promo code delivered to their email without even requesting :laughing:
Bless the person working on that shift.

i got the voucher bro thnx
one doubt can i keep it and reedem after 1 year

Thanks bro got it

Very nice tutorial. Great :rose::rose: received today after 3 days.


Working like charm :+1:

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watch video tutorial from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzWyvjXHUkw

They will answer… I got my pro lite account this morning.

Yeah I got it. Maybe my email got stuck at the bottom due to so many requests from others.

i tried using my admission form

Mine is 400 GB.