[GET] FiveM Cheat (Phantom) | HQ Leak

What can you do with this cheat?

  • Fully working ESP

  • Crosshair

  • Aimbot (a little bit buggy)

  • Spawn guns in ESX Inventory

  • Noclip

  • Teleport

  • Unlock the locked cars

  • Godmode

  • No Ragdoll

  • Vehicle speed (You can set it in Vehicle settings first option. 1 is slower, 10 is faster.)

    You can speed up the vehicle by pressing Numpad +
    You can slow down the vehicle by pressing Numpad -


  • Download the files and extract.

  • Open FiveM and join to the server.

  • Open the GH Injector and do the settings:

    Change method to ManualMap

    Change Keep PEH to Erase PEH

    Press select process and select the FiveM_GTAProcess.exe

    Add the Phantom v1.5.dll to Files section and tick the box to the left of the dll file.

  • Finally pres Inject and return to the game.

  • You can toggle the menu with F10 or Insert .

PS: In cheat menu, you will see the Other tab. Go to the Other and press Save Settings. You can find the config file in %temp% folder. Config’s default name is Phantom_Settings.ini . You need the press the Load Settings after config changes.

PS.2: Be careful, do not download the GH Injector 3.3, you can be banned 15 days because of the version 3.3, always use version 3.2.

https://anonfiles.com/N2RbUaJ1o1/FiveM_Cheat_zip GH Injector 3.2 and Phantom v1.5