Fsociety | Hacking Tools Pack | Have Every Script that a Hacker Needs 💻

https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety :computer:

Fsociety : Hacking Tools pack, Mr.Robot Penetration Testing Tool

Fsociety Contains All Tools Used in Mr. Robot Series




  • Information Gathering
  • Password Attacks
  • Wireless Testing
  • Exploitation Tools
  • Sniffing & Spoofing
  • Web Hacking
  • Private Web Hacking
  • Post Exploitation
  • Contributors
  • Install & Update

Information Gathering:

  • Nmap
  • Setoolkit
  • Host To IP
  • WPScan
  • CMS Scanner
  • XSStrike
  • Dork - Google Dorks Passive Vulnerability Auditor
  • Scan A server’s Users
  • Crips

Password Attacks:

  • Cupp
  • Ncrack

Wireless Testing:

  • Reaver
  • Pixiewps
  • Bluetooth Honeypot

Exploitation Tools:

  • sqlmap
  • Shellnoob
  • Commix
  • FTP Auto Bypass
  • JBoss Autopwn

Sniffing & Spoofing:

  • Setoolkit
  • SSLtrip
  • pyPISHER
  • SMTP Mailer

Web Hacking:

  • Drupal Hacking
  • Inurlbr
  • Wordpress & Joomla Scanner
  • Gravity Form Scanner
  • File Upload Checker
  • Wordpress Exploit Scanner
  • Wordpress Plugins Scanner
  • Shell and Directory Finder
  • Joomla! 1.5 - 3.4.5 remote code execution
  • Vbulletin 5.X remote code execution
  • BruteX - Automatically brute force all services running on a target
  • Arachni - Web Application Security Scanner Framework

Private Web Hacking:

  • Get all websites
  • Get joomla websites
  • Get wordpress websites
  • Control Panel Finder
  • Zip Files Finder
  • Upload File Finder
  • Get server users
  • SQli Scanner
  • Ports Scan (range of ports)
  • Ports Scan (common ports)
  • Get server Info
  • Bypass Cloudflare

Post Exploitation:

  • Shell Checker
  • POET
  • Weeman

So Hello My Fellow Hackers! Hope You guys are doing well. Do you hear about that famous show (Mr.Robot) ? … If yes , then you will know what is fsociety and who is Elliot Alderson … That was one of my favorite tv show on that time… So in today’s blog i will show you a tool that name fsociety… This tool is one stop solution for hacker…because it contains various kind of packages and repo’s in itself… So without wasting time let’s get into it…

Step 1:

So at first we have to goto google and search for the tool fsociety, and then we have to click on that github link page…Now we have to copy the repo…. We are going to cloning the repo into our kali machine

as i’m going to keep this file in my desktop, so i will have to goto the desktop directory and clone it here… here i’m using Backbox instead of using kali… The process is same …because i have got many request to do the blogs in Backbox … , though the video tutorial will be in the Kali Linux on our youtube channel, So guys you can use any of those os that you want…

Now let’s see what files we have into the fsociety folder and , we have to install the tool also… So let’s start

  • ls
  • cd fsociety

Now, We can see that install.sh file… We have to install that file by just typing this following command

  • ./ install.sh

it may ask you for your root password… Just enter your password and press the enter to continue, After a sec you may see something like this…

just type fsociety there , and we are good to go. Now you have to accept there terms and condition to continue , Just press the “Y” button to accept

Step 2:

Now All set to get our hands dirty… So the interface will look like this

Here You can choose any option that you want , and start hacking,

Here i’m choosing the Password attack option to show you , So you just have to enter the option number that you are choosing

In the next screen you will see two option there, Now i’m going to show you the second option (BruteX) … Be aware , because this is going to perform a massive brute force to all services that are running on your target… So you have to be very careful to do this kind of attack…

Before choosing the second option you have to get the root permission , So open the fsociety as a root then you may continue with this option, You just have to enter the target ip and thats all


MIT Licence


Superb share, To the point, completely suits to Motto of the forum. :+1: Cheers!