Free Netflix Premium Subscription using Airtel App TRICK 💯

Trick Details

  • Get Your Airtel Virtual Debit Card
  • Use Virtual Card To Get Free Netflix Account
  • Valid For All Users


Where To See My Airtel Virtual Debit Card?

  • Open Airtel App
  • Go to Wallet Option
  • Click on Online Card
  • Done! You will See you Card Detail

Step 2

  1. Click Here To Visit Netflix

  2. You have To See The plan Option On First Step

  3. Now Select Premium Plan And Click Continue

  4. Enter Your Email id Or Create A Password

  5. Now Add Your Airtel App Virtual Debit Card Details

  6. Verify Your Card Details

  7. Done. You Will Get Free 1 Month Netflix Subscription

  8. Again Repeat All Steps To Get Lifetime Netflix Subscription. Enjoy



The card number won’t change the next month right?

It says there appears to be problem with the payment method

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Netflix is not accepting vcc :joy::rofl: .try others method

Yes! The card number does not change. I tried buying subscription using this method and it was success but I could not repeat it because card number remains same. I am not sure but I have heard that freerecharge app has option to change number.

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You guys have tried but I am still thinking about how to get a legitimate Indian phone number and can receive SMS for otp confirmation. :smiley:


Showing me this Error and also there is cvc number on Airtel Online Debit card but there is cvv number on Netflix.

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I think the loop is now closed! Need more proofs to mark this topic closed! Better luck next time! :+1:

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not working for me too

Not working

And dear thread starter , how can that be considered as proof , even I got that screen , for proof you could have posted the screen which shows congratulations enjoy 1 month premium membership !

Hey… @TheJoker sorry to say but the stuff posted is wrong … because Netflix verifies that after accepting the card details and then transaction gets declined …so please close the thread …
Thanks for the information… and the stuff is that it will work on multiple sites like Amazon prime and stuffs like that… so In short that was very valuable info you posted … thanks again

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Found this trick somewhere, similar but a bit different, I thought it shall works if anyone does it.


  • An OTP
  • Airtel thanks application
  • And ExpressVPN or VyprVPN.

Lets Start:

  • Simply connect VPN to Switzerland go to
    (firefox focus browser preferred)

  • Select the desired email and pack.

  • And select the credit /debit card option.

NOW coming to main part.

  • Download Airtel Thanks App(PlayStore)
  • Register with any new number and follow some necessary steps of getting a virtual debit card
    (if ask for pan card and details fill random it doesnt verify it)

Now once you get the card…

  • As we were on the payment page.
  • Disconnect VPN when you start entering card details
  • Enter card details from airtel VCC.
  • Click on continue
  • Verify card.
  • OTP will come on the number phone.
  • Just type OTP…
  • Connect the VPN again to Switzerland and boom your Netflix is ready.