Fastest Way To Bypass Linkvertise | Universal Bypass

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Thank you so much, are you human? :thinking:


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When I inabled Universal Bypass Extension, the site autometically detect it. Is there any solve?

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WOW. This is so awesome :rofl::rofl: Literally I was searching for a Linkvertise bypasser on OneHack a few days ago and BOOM here you are with a solution. Thank you @SaM

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Facing similar problem here.

One of the best share.
Keep it up.

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@4NONYMOU5 & @Sk_Sarkar Just disable the extension on the site, then when you get to the link shortener page or Linkvertise page, enable the extension then refresh or copy and paste the link in a new tab.

Did as you said, didnโ€™t work. They wonโ€™t let me in with the bypass enabled.

@cerill I tried it. It also showed the same problem

Paste the link in a private tab. It will work.

@TheVip Do you mean incognito window?

yes, i mean Incognito

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Did try that as well didnt work bro. Same message