FakeYou | AI Music | Text To Speech | Voice To Voice Generator ⭐

FakeYou | AI Music | Text To Speech | Voice To Voice Generator :man_shrugging:

It’s time to make work enough easier, sneaky, shitty, and sleeky, these bots can let you win your task in a minute!

AI Music, Text to Speech, and Voice to Voice

Generate audio or videos of your favorite characters saying anything you want with FakeYou’s deep fake tech.

Speak as your favorite characters

Our AI-powered text-to-speech and voice conversion tools let you convert your text or voice into your favorite character’s voice. Perfect for content creators and anyone looking to add personality to their messages.

AI Tools

  • Text to Speech
  • Voice to Voice
  • Video Lipsync


Appreciate the share & feedback! don’t be cheap!

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I’m going to be very pleasant and nice, maybe do a little reading before posting, Sam is the almighty king XD there are no admin to approve this lol, and on a track record Sam shares everything useful even if its not to everyone’s tastes it may still be there to help others.


Thanks for the share.


Exactly, Chief doing his job to share the most useful stuff here, he never failed, and we cannot ever thank him enough what he has done for us as if you or anyone else sees his content list, you will be amazed, and you may definitely get expensive and gem content that he shared for free with us, It is obvious whatever content we see it is not basic for me, but it may help you according to the need, and spitting a word trash on his post, is a slap on the face, thanks @ Brix for defended post but still you haven’t done it correctly :wink:

@ struti, respect your teachers, whatever he shares it is about educational purposes, if you don’t like what you’ve on to, better search something that entertain you, I bet, if you start reading his content, you can’t finish it within a year and can’t thank him forever even if you say it every day, so, mister trash or whatever you are, I can give you unforgettable lesson of saying the crap above which totally nonsense and proves who you are, though, i let you learn first, beware. :mask: (stop abusing content that you don’t like but someone does)


Enough, no more reporting comments, no more off-topic feedback, This is Earth and we are on the internet, There are 10,000 types of 10,000 different human beings with tons of mixed brains and thinking, and no one can make them as perfect as you are, and not even I know I am perfect, so, stop it and this kind of feedback doesn’t defeat anything, or anything else, in fact, this kind of feedback encourages our good willing. hatred is a part of Earth!

Stay cool, stay safe, be friendly to each other, and respect each other’s thoughts, Cheers! :pray: