Fake Numbering Trick

As you know, it has become quite difficult to get a fake number lately, and even the sites that sell fake numbers can’t sell, and those who sell them have started to sell at very high prices, so we have found a new method to prevent this. Let’s move on to the method without further ado.


  • Paycell (to open a virtual credit card)
  • Telos (to get numbers)
    -Whatsapp business (to open an optional fake whatsapp account)


Step 1
Become a member of Paycell application, open a virtual credit card for yourself.

Step 2
Enter Telos, become a member, it will ask you for your state number (area code), write 920 there. Choose one of the numbers randomly.

Step 3
There will be 2 buttons. Press the button at the top (3 days free trial) then click subscribe from the dropdown. It will ask you to choose a payment method, tick the credit card.

Step 4
Enter your virtual card information that you created from Paycell. And keep going. (Note: My advice to you is to cancel your subscription from Play Store > Subscriptions after 2 days, otherwise it may start to cut money.)

Step 5
You got the number. You can view your number by going to My Account section. Enter Whatsapp business. Write +1 where +90 is. Then enter the number you received.

Step 6
Return to Telos app when you hit the continue button. You will receive a verification code. Open your account by entering that code on whatsapp

Happy learning!