Download Torrent to Google Drive using Google Colab [UPDATED] [Video Tutorial]

Heya Guys! This is my first post in Honestly, the website has been a complete life changer for me, as I learnt so much, so I wanted to give back to the community.

This isn’t anything new, I just compiled and organized things in one place so that you have multiple options.


  1. Option for Mount/Unmount.
  2. Support for both .torrent files and magnet links.
  3. Simultaneous/parallel downloads added.
  4. Support for personal drive and Shared drives.


  1. Link for Colab script -
  2. Follow the below :
  3. Follow the video

Special thanks to : @Keke_Bija for helping me with the codes.
If I missed anyone name, please reply, I will add to it. Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


thanks…looking good.
what is file size limit for downloading in team drive?

50GB single file, if I am not wrong.

You are awesome bro <3

Thanks, but I have only added Team Drive feature and compiled it.

can we increase it?
for example if we have to download 200gb torrent?

I might be missing something here, but how is this method any different than using a torrent software (e.g. qBittorrent) and downloading any number of magnet/torrent files on your Google Drive folder on your disk directly?

As far as I can see, everything you showed can be done far easier using any torrent software on your gdrive folder.

So what am I missing here? :upside_down_face:

is it possible to increase file size limits?

Yes, its a lot different, it uses the same open-source Python based libtorrent libraries used by Deluge, but its get stored in Google Drive directly, without using your internet bandwidth. Idk about qBittorent, but I will check once!

Try, I haven’t tried it yet, you might connect to TPU/GPU to see if size increases.

noting much difference these colab method for those who dont want to use their bandwidth or they have crapy system. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This is awesome thank you for sharing

Now I understand the reasoning, but: don’t you have to still download the files from your GDrive to your computer to use them, and therefore you still get to use your bandwidth either way? I don’t know, it feels like taking the long way to achieve the same thing in the end.

Great keep it up
And keep helping and supporting each other.

only profit is that it google colab always download torrent at min 3mbps speed even the file has “0” seeder. and file limit upto 50 gb . I guess none of client is capable of doing this… for 0 seed

this is not possible dear.
have you tried this by yourself?

How is that possible if there are no people to seed?

That’s the whole idea of torrents - taking pieces of the file from other people, so if there are no people, where does this script get the torrent files? :eyes:

Downloads are faster from GDrive.

He’s right, I got lucky with 0 seeders at times, watch the video, I tell it there too.

Google server are faster than your home server they seed the torrent via cloud then transfer it to google drive thats why its working even at "0 " seeder