[DISCUSSION] How Did You Learn Programming?

HOW DID YOU LEARN PROGRAMMING? Share your experience!

Read and make sure you understood “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” (https://automatetheboringstuff.com/), basically it gives you all the basic stuff, then after that you just have to experiment by making whatever you needed at that moment and if you get stuck you have to look/read each library’s documents or ask online.

With Java, we read random guides online then experimented by ourself once again the same way.


by doing mistake … the purpose of programming is to solve problems … we jst forgot this basic thing … 1st learn to write pseudo code … then implement each step … this way u will learn fAster …


hi this is anudeep
Actually i started with c language in coaching center because electrical and electronics is my ug. first of all i took 3months of time for ‘c’ full pledgedly but after with help of that basics and knowledge i learned 8 languages by my own on the internet


Can you explain about the resources you used for the 8 languages.What languages you learned?

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The C++ basic way to learn the programming fundamentals. It is also called the mother of all programming languages. I have learned the basic programming and object oriented programming in c++. It will take only 2 to 3 months (depends on your picking). After that you can easily understand any modern programming language


I am learning JavaScript (to be a frontend developer) for about a year, but now I think I am not entry to programming. I have no experience with computer programming such as c programming, data structure
and algorithm. Sometimes I think programming is hard for me.

For me, first I was looking through MDN documentation for HTML, CSS, JS fundamentals. Then I was watching the videos from Udemy and Youtube etc. Watching and coding take me for a few months. But, In retrospect, it has no effect on me I think. So if anyone has some suggestions, please tell me, thank you.


i learn c and c++
most important thing in programming is practice and repeat it


First learn algorithms , start with developing algorithms to solve the problem . The most important thing in programming is developing a logic to solve the problems, languages are secondary . If you know to develop a logic to solve a problem then you can code that logic in any language.


I started by learning C in college, and then Java, and then HTML, CSS, PHP, and a little Javascript. But I found the most comfortable one is when developing game with C#.


html, css, wordpress- youtube
php, mysql- documentations and related sites
javascript, bootstrap, jquery, json, angualr js and ajax- site like ftu etc.
now i am working on nodejs, express js and mongo db
if you want particular site just pm


I read books, watched tutorials and took lots of notes. It wasn’t until I actually started developing stuff for customers that I actually felt accomplished. I would say just start developing things, whatever you want and you’ll be surprised how much it stays in your head. It’s not a bad idea to at least get a lesson in code theory and the basics of the language you so wish to learn.


I started with PHP, Delphi and C ++ for over 20 years, I fell in love with logic and numbers. I spent a lot of time away from the codes trying to adjust to a broken life but now, years later I’m resuming my studies and doing what I love again.
Finding this forum was the best thing that happened to me in years, I never had so much access to so much knowledge with quality that in my country has a high cost and I am not in condition. Sometimes we just need a hand to get out of darkness and turn the tables of life. I am extremely grateful… and now drowning into Java and Phyton. :nerd_face:


You are great I think. I want to be a frontend developer, my coding experience begin at JavaScript, this is my first programming language, and I haven’t take any CS course before like “Intro to Computer Programming” or “Data structure and Algorithms” etc. So I want to know that where is it helpful for you learning other languages when you “finished” learning C? and Do you have some suggestions for learning C? Thanks.


I already have a Job but I do web development for fun. I’m planning to add full stack web development to my skill set.

First I started with frontend and picked up courses from Udemy or any other tutorial for individual topics like JS, CSS.
Initially, for basics, I learned about JS and CSS by learning and working on Vanilla JS and CSS in order to improve core concepts.
I picked up only one tutorial for each of them by looking at udemy rating for the course and their content. After selected one, I completed the course (Thanks to FTU). [As I can pay for the course, If I like a course I buy it on udemy or whichever platform it exist]

Course on Chrome Dev tools (FM has a course on it)
VsCode to improve coding experience (FM has a course on this one too)

For Intermediate level learning, I picked up below courses:

JS - understanding weird parts
Modern javascript (best out there to learn DOM manipulation using vanilla JS, local & Session storage & API building)
Deep JS foundation ( Frontend masters - Kyle Simpson)
Advance CSS and SASS

These courses provided all the basic and intermediate knowledge that was needed to build any projects.
In the mean-time, I also learned git and GitHub and commit my practice code from all of the courses I’m doing to a single repository.

Now For Advance Learning, I picked up below courses:

Data structure and Algorithms in JS (frontend master)
Popular design patterns
Try to complete all the course on JS and CSS on Frontend masters (They are gold for advanced learning)

Basic level & Intermediate: (Start skipping the parts I already understand)

Complete Nodejs developer course
Zero To mastery


Frontend masters courses on Nodejs and MongoDB
FM - Full stack course

Now goes the downward spiral of learning as until now I have watched and build thigs through tuts so when it comes to building something of own its a blank slate.

Solution: Practice
Make website clones
Go through other people projects on GitHub
Go through other courses and look for the projects in that that I haven’t built yet.

--------- For the skipped info above
For frontend frameworks, I worked on AngularJS (yes I know but there was a separate reason for that), I am currently exploring REACT.
I worked on jQuery but didn’t like much as I prefer vanilla JS dom manipulation over jQuery.
Built some projects on Bootstrap. Exploring foundation right now.
Though I love to work with MongoDB however exploring MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB

Future plans:
Learning SVG animations.
Grid in CSS
Start contributing to some Open source projects
Learning Selective part of DevOps
Python (for Machine Learning & Building backends with python [node has its own limitations])


Great reply, I have finished some course about CSS, Vanilla JS and React course from Udemy. But now I am working on React official docs, Because the docs provide more comprehensive information. But for videos, I think you can watch it before working on docs(It gives you a big picture of some new concepts) or have finished working on docs(It help you remember some concepts and offer you some projects to practice). That is my opinion and welcome discussion. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am a non-programmer who use python libraries for my business analysis. Though I am decent in extracting data and do analysis in my way, recruiters are expecting me to write python codes from scratch (like pseudocode) as a part of filtering out. I feel difficulty in understanding the logic of data structures and OOPs. How can I overcome and think like a programmer? Because of this, I stopped attending interviews. Need some motivation and help from you guys.


Next question: Why did you learn programming?

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I believe you can only learn programming by working on a lot projects and making a lot of mistakes and learning from them. This site provides valuable hands-on coding experience, they even have some big projects towards the end.

P.S. Every programmer at times will feel like they don’t know how to program and they feel demotivated, but don’t be, just carry on coding :facepunch:


Thank you for your advice, I will try it. I think I am lack of practice. and are you a frontend developer?

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Anytime :blush:. And no I am not a frontend developer, I am a java/android developer, however I do want to learn frontend soon