Cybercrime | Do's & Don'ts Complete Guide

Facing the Cybercrime Problem Head-On

Topics we’ll investigate in this chapter:

  • Defining Cybercrime
  • Categorizing Cybercrime
  • Reasons for Cybercrimes
  • Fighting Cybercrime
  • Summary
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Defining Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a broad and generic term that refers to crimes committed using computers and the
Internet, and can generally be defined as a subcategory of computer crime. If this sounds strange,
consider that whether someone commits Internet fraud or mail fraud, both forms of deception fall
under a larger category of fraud. The difference between the two is the mechanism that was used to
victimize people. Cybercrime refers to criminal offenses committed using the Internet or another
computer network as a component of the crime. Computers and networks can be involved in
crimes in several different ways:

  • The computer or network can be the tool of the crime (used to commit the crime).
  • The computer or network can be the target of the crime (the “victim”).
  • The computer or network can be used for incidental purposes related to the crime
  • (for example, to keep records of illegal drug sales).

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