CPA Money Making Method + Free CPA Landing Page + VIP CPA Techniques

[VIP GUIDE] CPA Money Making Method + Free CPA Landing Page + VIP CPA Techniques

Within this CPA money making method I’m going to show you how you can get “CPA landing pages” and use CPA techniques to make money. We will show you my custom built CPA Landing page but also provide you with CPAFix’s very own free CPA landing page.

It isn’t hard to make money with CPA and if you use the “free CPA landing page” all you need to do is customise it and drive traffic.


This method is very simple and is what i like to call the “Vs” method. The idea behind it is that you use a landing page to provide a simple “this or that” question to the user and by selecting one or the other they may have a chance to win something. You can then run highly targeted traffic to it. For example,

Superman Vs Batman
Liverpool Vs Manchester United
Gucci Vs Prada
Facebook Vs Twitter

The idea is you lure your consumer into the false sense that by voting for one or the other they are helping, and they may also win something!

Once they have voted you redirect them to an framed offer on the same domain and hope that they fill it it thinking they will be entered into the winners prize draw. This is why typically email and zip submits work best as a user is 10x more likely to input a simple email address.

Landing Page

I would always recommend starting off by purchasing a new targeted and relative domain to your “question”. For example if you were using our free landing page and sticking with the “bond” niche then something relevant like “” would be great.

You then want to build your landing page, it must be very simple and to the point. Sure you can spend hours coming up with fancy pages but all your work will be lost in the CTR you will see with overcomplicating things.

I would advice starting with our free landing page generator tool here and customizing the niche etc. Then once you start seeing income testing some pre made or new landing page designs.

The lander should include the following and no more or less,

A nice image that is relevant
A simple question “A or B”
2 Options to vote (linking to offer page)
An image and text about what you could win

Make sure the voting options are very bold and easy to select as this is your call to action.


Picking a niche is easy, you just have to make sure it has the volume you need to get clicks and conversations. Simply being said there is no point you selecting a niche like “Whats your favourite fly fishing jumper” as you just won’t get the volume.

I have seen the best results with picking up trending topics and acting quickly on them, for example if a new film is coming out i will play one against the other and quickly see results.

You can find trending topics easily by going to the following sites,


So its easy to pick up some in trend topics and create a niche for your landing page and domain.



I always stick with first page submits here quite simply because i am a great believer in the longer the user has to fire that pixel the longer they have to get fed up and leave. Long tail or even short form offers just simply don’t work on this method. Ask your affiliate manager for a nice simple one page submit and rock it. I always tend to go with “apple” products BUT you can also target the offer for your niche, for example if you were doing a “Gucci Vs Prada” campaign and targeting females, then why not give them the chance to win a Gucci gift voucher, by using a relevant offer. Or if targeting a recent film, offer them a cinema gift card offer.

You can find offers to cater most niches over on our CPA Offer search page.


Traffic is such a broad scope with this method as it really does work with any traffic possible. Simply bid on keywords related to your niche for example if using the new batman film bid on the keywords like,

The dark night rises
Dark night rises promo
Dark night rises trailer
Dark night rises tickets
new batman film​

You get the idea. There are so many other methods, for those of you who like youtube marketing why not create videos saying “dark night rises trailer” and then redirect them via the description to your landing page etc.

SEO also works if you have methods of ranking quickly then hit up trending topics as the competition is usually new for new trends.

Facebook pages about the niche always work, why not try creating or buying a Facebook page within your niche and posting the landing page link to your users. Say you had 100thousand fans and over 3000 converted on a $2.10 email submit thats $6300 clean of the bat!

Again i will stress there is no one method to this, you can pay for traffic or get it via free methods - it all works if done correct!


iFraming the offer page is another great way to increase your conversions as it again lures the consumer into a false sense of hope. I always send my user to another extension within my domain once they have clicked the vote button, usually something like /winner.html or /congratulations.html with my offer on the page. This makes them think like they have one the chance to enter thus more likely to enter their email address and fire the all important pixel!

Always get permission from the advertiser first.


Once again I’m outing another successful campaign to you guys and giving you my landing page and methods, this method has personally earned me $1000’s in commission in the past.

Here is just one example of a page i created when Fifa 2012 and PES 2012 first came out.

Compare football games

at first i ran this via SEO as i had a small content page and blog on it, i saw some good results but not enough volume.

Later i tested with 7Search and other PPC platforms and made quite a lot of profit from this page alone with some simple email submits for iPhones. It went pretty well especially when the new iPhone was released.

I have found that the EPC is so much greater if you use one of these landing pages rather than direct linking.