CPA make $30 up to $50 a week - guide to 820$ for lazy ppl | No setup

It takes 24H to Withdraw the money, you can get paid by: Paypal, Steam Wallet, Nike Gift card, Apple Gift card, Amazon Gift card, LOL Riot Point card, Mastercard/visa Prepaid Gift card & Spotify Gift card!

No investment needed and is straight & easy to do.

So let’s get straight to the point, In this guide I’ll show you how to make quick bucks mostly doing some survey and other CPA work but here is the catch, the problem with most CPA website is either they don’t pay well enough or they don’t have enough survey because your profile is sh*t, its where i come, you will use my pre-made profil:

first you will need to register to Prizerebel, It’s the best CPA website with the highest paid survey, they pay at least 0.77c up to $12 a survey & if you can use a webcam they can pay you $35 just for 1 Survey !!):

Then Click on “Your surveys” (all the best survey are mostly there)

Now here my Profil you Need to use:

LAST UPDATED 01/16/2020, 03:34 PM

Sex: Male

Age: 23 Year Old (you can choose at least 20 years old but no more older than 25y old.)

place of birth: Born in the United States (but now you work in the country you are right now)

Ethnicity: Spanish

Education: Master 2 degree

Employment Status: Employed for wages (full time)

Work: Information Technology - IT

Salary: $75,000 ~ 100K a year

Marital Status: In Couple (not married)

kids: 2 kid but here’s the catch: the boy is 15 years old boy (you adopted him, don’t worry they will never ask.) & the girl 8 years old. so you’re 4 people living at home

car: 1 car (you can choose, I always say its a Lotus Exiges) AND 1 motorcycle (Kawasaki), you bought them 2 years ago

home: you RENT a house

animal: 2 dogs, race:Husky, 1 male, 1 female, age: 2 years old

disease: Have had fever or another minor

video games: you play at least 11h a week -> you own a PS4 + Gaming PC

With this profil you will never run out of survey to do BUT DON’T FORGET TO ALWAYS USE THE SAME PROFILE (So save it somewhere).

Or else you will start having less survey & which pay less.

Here a Video which quickly explains everything you Need to know about the website:

With only 2h working each day in your spare time while watching youtube or TV idk :stuck_out_tongue: you can easily make $80 the first week & then you will start getting paid more & scale up to $200 a week! or more if you put more hours,

Even if you only work 1h a day it will make you $50 each week ($7 a day) for literally no effort!

Credit: Naina05


i am not from usa do i need vpn ?


nah its like pretty much everyone else

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Dear it says prizerebel is not available for your location. So what to do??

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