ConnectIn - LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool

LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool

Sometimes you want more LinkedIn connections, especially 500+. This tool is very helpful to boost up your connections.
Just run it from your favorite terminal or command prompt and keep it running until you make enough connection requests.

An automation tool to automate the connection requests on LinkedIn.


node >= v1.0.0

Note: If node and npm are not installed, Install them from here.


Install this tool using npm:

$ npm install -g ConnectIn

It installs two binaries: ConnectIn and lac to your system path.


Use it as follows using lac command:

$ lac -u <enter_your_linkedin_email>
Enter LinkedIn password: *****

If you want to keep your console clean, then just pass --no-verbose option.

Note: It does not share your LinkedIn credentials, so it is safe to use.


Your PRs and stars are always welcome.

Please, try to follow:

  • Clone the repository.

  • Checkout develop branch.

  • Install dependencies.

  • Add your new features or fixes.

  • Build the project.

  • Start the scraper.

  • git clone

  • cd ConnectIn

  • git checkout develop

  • npm i

  • npm run build

  • npm start

Installation For Termux

  • $apt update
  • $git clone
  • $exit enter, And Open Termux Again
  • $npm install
  • $npm install -g ConnectIn
  • $lac -u <enter_your_linkedin_email> And then it will ask for password, The enter Your LinkedIn Password (will not be shown their), Then Enter

>Hence Done


is there a limit?

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I have two js snippets that you can run to start connection requests. Just log in on chrome and run the snippet using the google chrome developer console. It is safer than running the above script. visit this link to view snippets


thanks, it is quite easier

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How safe is it?
Have any one use it?
I got message please enter email of the person to confirm that you know him/her, when I tried to connected to some person manually. This is a 10+ year old clean account. How does this app/bot handle such situation.

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Yeah Mate, there is a limit of about 150+ connections a day. This bot will notify you after exceeding the limit. Hope you like it.


But I think there’s other issues too. If the connections don’t connect or if they mark you as spam you will get your account limited or banned. How does bot handle this situation?

Hey buddy,
•ConnectIn is safe and easy to use. ConnectIn is a Open Source. No credentials are stored. So, you can use ConnectIn without any problem.
•You can use any LinkedIn Account whether old or new.
•This tool was tested on Parrot OS and Termux. Follow the steps for installation to get started.
@Ninjaghini This tool limits the connections. So, there is no chance to get banned. If you through of anything else then you can make a demo LinkedIn account for testing purposes so that all your misconceptions will vanish out. I hope you will love this tool.

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