Brave Hits 20 Million Monthly Users a Year After 1.0 Release

One year after its first 1.0 release, Brave says it has hit the milestone of 20.5 million active monthly users. “At the same time last year, the browser had 8.7 million active monthly users, and of the 20 million monthly users, 7 million are daily users, which represents more than a doubling of last year’s 3 million,” reports ZDNet. “Brave added that since Apple allowed browsers other than its own to be the default option on iOS, it has seen its iOS user base increase by a third.” From the report:

One of the touted features of the browser is that it hates ads, and will go out of its way to block them, unless users decide to see Brave-powered advertisements. To that end, Brave has hit “2 billion ad confirmation events” and completed 2,215 campaigns from over 460 companies. The browser maker says its users have a click-through rate of 9%, way and away outstripping industry averages. The browser also has its own cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Tokens, that users use to “tip” content creators. Thus far, 26 million of the tokens have been sent to creators. At the time of writing, the blockchain-based token is trading for just under 18 cents, meaning $4.6 million has been sent from users.


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I also use Brave. Another recommendation is Ungoogled Chromium.