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Monitor your Discord server and users, view various statistics and manage addons and configurations for your bot


You name it, we have it.

Get instant access to hundreds of highly customizable community made addons. Each come with unique functionalities for your bot.

High Performance

Dedicated Bot

Your bot is hosted on the best hardware. Unlike shared bots, your bot will only be running on your invited servers. Giving you super fast command responses.

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will say how easy it is to create

why i cant update command prefix as the bot didn’t respond to anything.
i already add addons.

(screenshot attached)

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restart ur bot

sir i restart it many time. an di tried after a day too but can’t fruitfull.
i can’t give it Command prefix so it is useless to me.
i added it discord server and give all permissions but in vain

your discord pls
mine is TECHTANIC#1111

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Thanks a lot Techtanic

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