ApacheTomcatScanner | A Python Script To Scan For Apache Tomcat Server Vulnerabilities

A python script to scan for Apache Tomcat server vulnerabilities.
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  • Multithreaded workers to search for Apache tomcat servers.
  • Multiple target source possible:
    • Retrieving list of computers from a Windows domain through an LDAP query to use them as a list of targets.
    • Reading targets line by line from a file.
    • Reading individual targets (IP/DNS/CIDR) from -tt/--target option.
  • Custom list of ports to test.
  • Tests for /manager/html access and default credentials.
  • List the CVEs of each version with the --list-cves option


You can now install it from pypi (latest version is PyPI) with this command:

sudo python3 -m pip install apachetomcatscanner


$ ./ApacheTomcatScanner.py -h
Apache Tomcat Scanner v2.3.2 - by @podalirius_

usage: ApacheTomcatScanner.py [-h] [-v] [--debug] [-C] [-T THREADS] [-s] [--only-http] [--only-https] [--no-check-certificate] [--xlsx XLSX] [--json JSON] [-PI PROXY_IP] [-PP PROXY_PORT] [-rt REQUEST_TIMEOUT] [-tf TARGETS_FILE]
                              [-tt TARGET] [-tp TARGET_PORTS] [-ad AUTH_DOMAIN] [-ai AUTH_DC_IP] [-au AUTH_USER] [-ap AUTH_PASSWORD] [-ah AUTH_HASH]

A python script to scan for Apache Tomcat server vulnerabilities.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         Verbose mode. (default: False)
  --debug               Debug mode, for huge verbosity. (default: False)
  -C, --list-cves       List CVE ids affecting each version found. (default: False)
  -T THREADS, --threads THREADS
                        Number of threads (default: 5)
  -s, --servers-only    If querying ActiveDirectory, only get servers and not all computer objects. (default: False)
  --only-http           Scan only with HTTP scheme. (default: False, scanning with both HTTP and HTTPs)
  --only-https          Scan only with HTTPs scheme. (default: False, scanning with both HTTP and HTTPs)
                        Do not check certificate. (default: False)
  --xlsx XLSX           Export results to XLSX
  --json JSON           Export results to JSON

  -PI PROXY_IP, --proxy-ip PROXY_IP
                        Proxy IP.
  -PP PROXY_PORT, --proxy-port PROXY_PORT
                        Proxy port
  -rt REQUEST_TIMEOUT, --request-timeout REQUEST_TIMEOUT

  -tf TARGETS_FILE, --targets-file TARGETS_FILE
                        Path to file containing a line by line list of targets.
  -tt TARGET, --target TARGET
                        Target IP, FQDN or CIDR
  -tp TARGET_PORTS, --target-ports TARGET_PORTS
                        Target ports to scan top search for Apache Tomcat servers.
  -ad AUTH_DOMAIN, --auth-domain AUTH_DOMAIN
                        Windows domain to authenticate to.
  -ai AUTH_DC_IP, --auth-dc-ip AUTH_DC_IP
                        IP of the domain controller.
  -au AUTH_USER, --auth-user AUTH_USER
                        Username of the domain account.
  -ap AUTH_PASSWORD, --auth-password AUTH_PASSWORD
                        Password of the domain account.
  -ah AUTH_HASH, --auth-hash AUTH_HASH
                        LM:NT hashes to pass the hash for this user.


You can also list the CVEs of each version with the --list-cves option:


Pull requests are welcome. Feel free to open an issue if you want to add other features.


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