Anonymously Passing all traffic to Chrome through Tor

If you really care about your security and anonymity on the network, but do not really want to install TOR, proxies, etc., then a special extension is here especially for you. It will pass all your traffic through TOR on a completely automatic and free basis.

:globe_with_meridians:An extension called Kronymous is a special console for establishing a secure connection.


  1. Follow the link and install Kronymous.

  2. After starting, a terminal window will appear, click “START TOR PROXY”, wait until it boots. Do not close this window during use, roll up for convenience.

Installing Proxy SwitchyOmega

  1. Install the utility we need from the link.

  2. Go to the settings and go to the “Proxy” section. There we set the network parameters “Protocol - SOCKS5, Server –, Port - 9999” necessary for our work. Click Apply changes.

Activation and deactivation

  1. The Proxy SwitchyOmega icon will appear on the browser toolbar, click on it and activate the “Proxy” item.

After all these steps, all your traffic will go through the TOR network, all tabs will have a different IP.

  1. To disable Tor in Chrome, either close the terminal window, or click on the Proxy Switcher Omega button and select a direct connection.


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it worked as it says close in 2017 itlsef

thank you for the helpful information