Amazing Google Search Tips & Tricks To Get Anything You Want

  1. Use parentheses to group keywords together and search for them in addition to a specific term, as in this example: water (fire OR smoke)

  2. Enclose phrases you find in quotation marks, such as “there is no smoke without fire.”

  3. A synonym search finds words with similar meanings. Put a tilde () before your keyword as in this example: ~eggplant

  4. Use the minus operator to omit certain important terms. eBay removes all results related to “new pram.”

  5. Google ignores common terms like I, and, then, and if. We refer to these as “stop words.”

  6. The operator + ensures that stop words are present. similar to fish and chips.

  7. A word is searched if it appears as a stop word in a phrase enclosed in quote marks.

  8. Enter the index of as the intitle: parameter if you’re looking for files rather than pages. It aids in locating FTP and web directories.

  9. The modifier inurl only looks up a page’s web address: Try out inurl:spices.

  10. Use the following search to locate live webcams: inurl:view/view.shtml

  11. The very specific modifier inanchor only looks for results in the text that is used as a page link.

  12. Curious about the quantity of links pointing to a website? Try this link:sitename, as an example: The Mozilla Project 30’s home. Similar to this, you can use the related: modifier to find pages that Google believes have related content. Utilize it as follows: associated: Microsoft Corp.

Happy learning!


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