Advanced Hacking Techniques | Implications For A Mobile Workforce

Laptops are being deployed within enterprises at an
increasing rate, mostly because of the flexibility and
the convenience they provide employees, and in turn, the
productivity gains they provide for the companies.
It’s impossible to go anywhere today without seeing
people working outside the traditional office setting on
their laptops - at the local coffee shop, while lounging in
the park, standing at their kitchen counters, waiting at
airport gates, and working in their hotel rooms


  • Introduction
  • The Changing Threat Landscape
  • Step-by-Step Guide: Hacking the
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Security Fundamentals: Rethink Your Security
  • Strategy with the Mobile Worker in Mind
  • Sponsor Perspective
  • Fiberlink: Simple. Secure. Mobility

Download: AdvancedHackMobile-CompanionGuide.pdf (293.4 KB)