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We live in an age where people are fascinated with each other, yet prefer to stay within the comfort of their own homes. Video chatting has been an amazing feat in connecting people countries apart within the comfort of their own home. We even have services like Twitch and Facebook Live that allow creators to profit from entertaining others. Yet surveillance is a section of live videos that most people don’t think about. Our world is covered in cameras, both for our own protection and for vanity. Surprisingly, a large portion of that list include non-secured, open to the public cameras.

The Google Directory:

This method is where most people found out about unsecured cameras. It went viral around the early 2000’s and shared to people who had the slightest interest in the subject. A simple stub list that when searched in google gives you a directory of unsecured cameras that you can click, login, view and sometimes even control!

The downside is that because this list is one of the originals to be shared, if you google a stub from this list, you may get forum post results that talk about unsecured cams rather than a cam login page. Both Ironic, and interesting!

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Shodan Directory: is a search engine for internet connected devices. To Quote: Websites are just one part of the Internet. There are power plants, Smart TV’s, refrigerators, and much more that can be found with Shodan! Shodan has been used frequently when trying to find access to unsecured, yet internet connected devices. So for those who are just being introduced to this website, the next time you want to hack a smart fridge to dispense ice at 3:00 AM and scare someone, you know where to go.

Using Shodan to obtain a list of unsecured cameras is as easy as ever. Searching with the term “webcam” produces all your results in a filtered manner. Sadly, because Shodan is in part a paid service, you will only have access to a handful of filters. This won’t stop you from finding interesting cameras though.
Here is the list of cameras found with Shodan

Some cameras are completely unsecured, yet others have a login page. If Shodan, or a camera login page actually tells you what make the camera is, feel free to use this list below to try the default username and password for that brand.

Insecam Directory:

Insecam is yet another website fully dedicated to providing a directory of unsecured cameras. If you’ve ever wondered how many cameras are actually watching you at any single point in time, then this website will only make you more paranoid. A simple website with a single purpose that doesn’t require much explanation. Feel free to explore the various filters for cams and preview the cams with their live mini-feed display on the search pages.

See the list of unsecured cams filtered by most popular : Here

Reddit Directory:

I always like to leave the readers of threads with something more to research, read, or take interest in. Reddit is a popular site with many different topics of discussion. To no surprise, unsecured webcams also have a dedicated sub to explore. I will only be providing you guys with one of the subs to check out, but I encourage others to go out and find more! If you have subs or other websites to share, please post them here and I will update the thread accordingly!


Remember that while unsecured webcams can only really be used to peak into the outside world of an unsuspecting location or person, those webcams are usually linked to other things. You may find login pages, you may find vulnerabilities, you may find refrigerators, smart TV’s, or even Roombas that you have the possibility to influence! Let’s see what interesting things you guys find!

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