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  1. You are NOT allowed to change the password or anything on the accounts provided.
  2. You are requested NOT to modify anything on the account related to billing info, plans & preferences.
  3. To know more about reselling, head over here, and to know more about affiliate, head over here
  4. Violating any of the rules laid out will result in a temporary or permanent suspension. Please do not ruin the experience for others.
  5. You are not allowed to create new profiles or change any settings on the accounts.
  6. Check your account on Netflix.com before replacing. Do not try to replace a valid account, only support staff will be able to do it.

Apart from Netflix there are other services as well. :slight_smile:


1. Netflix

2. Disney+

3. Hulu

4. HBO Max

5. Fox Now

6. Paramount+

7. Crunchyroll

8. VRV

9. Funimation

10. Curiosity

11. Showtime

12. DC Universe

13. Plex

14. Shudder

15. SlingTV

16. AT&T NOW

17. Hallmark

18. SkyGo

19. ViaPlay

20. OrangeTV

21. Atresplayer

22. BlimTV

23. Viki

24. HistoryVault

25. AcornTV

26. Gaia

27. Crave

28. Videoland



2. NBC

3. NBA

4. NFL

5. NHL

6. MLB

7. UFC

8. WWE

9. ThenX

10. Formula1 TV

11. MyFitnessPal


1. Spotify

2. Headspace

3. Yousician

4. Calm

5. BrainFM


1. IPVanish

2. Surfshark

3. McAfee

4. Rapidgator


1. Grammarly

2. MasterClass

3. Scribd

4. Skillshare

5. CodeCademy

6. Duolingo

7. Wall Street Journal

8. The Economist

9. Magoosh

10. ABCMouse

11. Blinkist

12. Quillbot

13. TradingView

14. The Motley Fool


how to process the payment with paypal…?


I’m too having issues paying using PayPal. Have started a ticket but no response yet.

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I’m having the same problem with PayPal payment.


How much for Skillshare please?

Could you give me all the prices?


AccountBot Go to Explore!


I’ve been using the Netflix service from accountbot for almost 2 years.
No problem ever. Always working.
If you got some payment issues, contact their customer service. It’ll be resolved. I had it once and got it resolved via customer service.

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If you want to buy subscriptions.

  1. Go to Orders
  2. Select the product.
  3. Select the Paypal it will work.


Tried following your procedure @aditya_bhosale but still facing the same issue : (

I will give you free contact me 8920577661 whatsapp

Experiencing same Pop Up problem. How can it be solve.

Go to Cart
Select the Product
Select Payment Method.
Follow this tutorial

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Hi @Nina
Thanks (I know that Nina is a Bot)
As I did not buy things like this I would like to know how works the replacements, could you help me?

Great! Is now working.Thanks



Go to Cart Buddy and then add product




WTF !?!?

You should raise a ticket there, sometimes it happens, don’t worry, they’ll get it fixed once you raise the ticket, just let em know about this issue you’re facing.

Does anybody know what’s the difference between Netflix HD and UHD. The available plans listed in Netflix.com (for me) are Basic, Standard, and Premium.

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