$2.99 Cheap Netflix HD UHD + 2 replacements per day | 62 Other Product Accounts As well ❤️

Please have raise a ticket but no reply

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ticket no reply

The staff usually replies in 12-24 hours! Wait for sometime.

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The Standard Plan can be used to stream Netflix content on 1080p (HD) whereas Premium Plan is used to stream 4K+ HDR (UHD) content.

Also, you can watch on 4 different devices at the same time using Premium Plan & 2 devices with Standard Plan.

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I don’t trust sites that can’t even implement standard paypal payments.
I sincerely doubt that this site would provide any service.
and why paypal payments go through some RADIUX hosting company !? https://radiux.net
it all looks like a scam

Well, I am using their service since a year now…



Hi there,
I have paid thru PayPal yesterday but have not received any info on how to sign up on Netflix

What do you mean by two replacements per day ? Also is there a combo price for Education Items ?

Geeting same error help me

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Go to the subscription tab

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that is, paypal blocks transfers so as not to earn too much !? hahahaha

Open a ticket, it happens some times, it happened with me too, they gave me the account manually!


this price is for one year?

site not working

just need netflix for 1 year only not the stock how much

how many screens they are offering ?

around 3-4 people can easily watch it. I don’t keep count of it.

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okay thanks brother

Is this Price for One Year? Once i am trying for one Month Its showing this amount. Please let me know any coupon code need to apply for the same

Hi, I’m looking for 12. Quillbot account.

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