Your Video's 100 Views On ME 😱 NO SHIT


Today I am going to talk to with you guys about what I have been doing my research on. It’s YouTube SEO(Search Engine Optimization) yes I have been doing and studying it since like over 10 months.

Up yet there is no single site or script and SHIT ! That I didn’t tested to know how the YouTube works. Well most of these sites were just fraud asking money by trying to make fool and some of them did show little mercy but still ended up asking money so to buy more points and useless SHIT. This is so embarrassing and highly painful for new YouTubers to even get decent 10 views per day.

On the other hand YouTube is also ungracious to the newbies as it won’t let them and their channel to be visible on the Home Page, as it wants to earn money and newbies then spent days and weeks finding a perfect script or site which will not SHIT with their system and will be polite in its task and some others those who keep posting about their videos on Facebook, Insta, etc. asking the neighbors , friends, family members, classmates, laymen, god whom not, to subscribe the channel and if they get some free time then help provide some views even in which many backstab by doing nothing and pretending that they didn’t even knew that there was any channel.

I have seen many YouTubers going through this Agony and quitting in vain. I just don’t want this to happen to anyone we tae all havlents and we all have rights to present our selves to the world.
Look it is not bad to use a website to get the views but really you guys are not seeing the real picture, these websites try to suck your money for allowing you guys to help each other.

You watch others videos to gain points and then use the points to play your video to others but in reality you are wasting your time, these sites never be fair with anyone you waste your 3-4, days and nights that is like 100 hours getting right amount of points and then waiting like other 24-48 hours to get the desired views. In total you waste a sum of 6 days which you could have used in productive work - you could have studied , spent time with family and / or created another work or video but we don’t. At last we don’t get that much satisfied.

And the big reality that no youtuber can evade is that YouTube knows what’s your source of Traffic is. If you didn’t know about it then open your analytics right now have a look at your external traffic source window. When you will send your channel for verification for Partner Program (to earn money) , YouTube will know how you gained views ! So you can’t fool YouTube by using them

I love CS and apparently know YouTube is nothing but another Couple Lines of Codes getting processed on Intel Xeon or AMD-Threadripper or any derivative, juicing on electricity. I spent like, about 3 months looking for the right tools online but didn’t find anything worth contenting.

Then started taking into the notes of how YouTube responds to my different inputs, though the process was extremely redundant but the reconnaissance I gathered is worth it. It’s been like 2 months I have been developing this script using recon info I gathered and the results are remarkable. I have helped 3 of my friends in raising their channels, one has got his channel verified and the other 2 are on their way.

Now you may be thinking why the Hell ! Am I telling you all of this : Because I want to open your eyes and not want you to quit, you will loose hell of a lot of confidence if do. If you still think I am just doing a shit talk then please leave this post with all respect and I am very sorry if I wasted your time.

And if you think that this hell is right then continue to read main stuff is coming.

Since You have continued and have felt the thrust then let me prove you that I am not doing any shit talk.
SUBMIT me your only 1 video and I will raise its views to OVER 100 in just 1 hour YES ! it is true this is the power of my script and not only this I will also boost your channel’s :

  • Impressions
  • ClickThrough Rate
  • Search Terms
  • Watch Time
Attached with with the video alongside. I will bring the watch time very much close to 4 minutes and you will not see any external traffic coming at all.

  • Don’t put the link in the comment only PM me if you comment it and then PM me I will not accept it at all.

  • Also send the link only when you promise to send the screen shot of the analytics of the video to prove that the views have boosted.

  • I will accept the links till 26th November 2020 9 am IST and then I will boost.

If you are thinking that why in the world I am not posting the script and that is because the script is still in its BETA and still in its testing.


Interesting topic to be honest. I did some researches for my friends. Am not into youtubing to be honest.

But what I have seen that made me warn my friends to stay away because almost all of them were lame scammers.

Because you talked assertively, I will follow this topic to see outcomes.



I think I have been too narrow in the provision of time
I sense people are being reluctant and that’s not a problem it’s good if people are aware.

I will give one day more for anyone to PM me the link the more people will send the better I will be able to make the script. :innocent:

dont want to sound ungrateful or anything but, if its just for testing why dont you just upload a video and then check it by yourself,instead of just waiting for people to give you teir links :thinking:

amazing bro I also want people understand this thing

Glad you asked , I have already done it and the script worked but YouTube is no fool it knows there are people who will try to automate the viewing and has lots of defense code and in many cases the upshot views are pulled down if found suspicious so it is possible that youtube may not even count a legit view as a legit view. every number you see in real time is logged by youtube in fact what you just see is the value in real time but youtube has whole array of values which it combines with other values and uses the combined data to verify whether the views are legit or not.

Now here’s a thing if I will do the upload process then it will take a longer time because my script works very well with a diversity of videos also I have had my script not working with the type of the channel who show educational videos for which I have to provide a different code of viewing so to make it work. The more video I have the better data I will get and will be able to properly debug, otherwise it will just prove that my script is nothing but another filthy typed scribbling wasting energy in doing nothing.

This guy has done some amazing work over here. Ths script worked. Before using the script it was only 4-6 views but after using the script I got total 100 views.


Good work. But please wait 3-4 days before making any judgment, If the views stay even after 3-4 days it will be permanent.

Here is another one has been over 3 days and there channel is already exploding.

Wow, please also do with my video.

Here is another one.
Before :
yt cod first

You can see clearly the video has only 28 views.

white cod boy part 2
And this one is after I boosted , as told in the post that the script is in beta there were some problem
so it took 2 hrs to reach the goal , also he has another video too but there were some internal problems and I am still looking into that as the video is also very old so takes a lot of time for verification.

I will also post the analytics as soon as i get it .

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that was something i did way back and its quite easy to create a custom bot indexing resedential IP and also using different strings and user agents to bypass detection systems . It’s quite easy and there are loads of software available online to get these kinds of views and stuffs .

The only greener way to get indulged into these kinds of stuffs is to perform intense SEO which will help you gain real traffic . There are many famous youtubers who are using these kinds of techniques to gain huge views.

one simple way create tik tok alternative app whichever available in the market videos and redirect traffic.

can you link some of the softwares?

Can I please send a video. I want to try?

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why not PM me

Sounds getting interesting !

Here comes another one and that within an hour difference.

Sorry, I came across this post just now and would definitely like to try. I am currently using viewgrid and addmefast for YouTube channel of my mother. Let me know if I can try it. Thanks! Appreciate your efforts!

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I just saw the post and would like to try. Let me know if u can help me. Thanks in advance.

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yup PM me fast

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