Wi-Fi Security | Complete Guide & Solutions

Security is now an essential element that forms the cornerstone of every corporate network. Without privacy, however, your solution is incomplete! My expertise in the areas of security and privacy has provided me with a valuable perspective that has enabled me to save my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars of what would have been revenue lost to hackers.

Many of my clients ask me to work with their organizations as either a contractor or consultant to assist them in implementing effective security measures because there is no greater cost to an organization than falling prey to a plethora of security vulnerabilities.

As a Director of CyberSecurity for IBM Global Consulting Services for over a decade, I established myself as the leading expert in both network security and enterprise resource planning in several IT sectors. I have published 11 best-selling computer books and have written over 1000 articles for the trade magazines. Today, I am always involved in writing specialized, private analyses for customers interested in acquiring my consulting services.

My experience comes from my extensive work with most of the Fortune 500 companies through my company, Executive Information Services. I work well with personnel to handle the most difficult computing problems, as I am dedicated to creating solutions that specifically meet my clients’ individual computing needs. My core offerings include my work in the following areas:

Business and Strategy Development

Project management services that oversee any consulting service through my eyes as an efficiency expert giving you the most “bang for your buck.” My expertise is in all areas of security, privacy, and real world enterprise IT. My company creates the most professional technical writing in white papers, brochures, books, articles, manuals, press releases, and industry “focused” tear sheets.

Powerful Market Research

I don’t settle for regurgitated market data that puts anyone behind the business curve, and neither should you! In this book and through my company, I provide “real” data, customized to my client’s needs to
increase both their marketing and sales. I make sure I always stay at the cutting edge of technology by writing comprehensive white papers (technical and/or marketing), market research reports (better than any research service), and effectively targeted PowerPoint presentations for greater customer relationship management (CRM). My clients engage me to help them create unique product and business strategies; I then develop that information into computer-based training (CBT) modules to
train both staff and clients.

Cost-Effective IT Product Selection

Purchasing any IT security product is often prohibitively expensive; my forté is that I save my clients a great deal of money by creating a personalized product comparison matrix to help them get the most functionality for the least amount of money. I cut through the red tape so that my clients should never have to overpay for extra costly features they don’t require. My work with Fortune 500 companies is so well
received because my clients get exactly what they need, resulting in savings of several hundred thousand dollars over the long term.

Factors of Security

Primary factors that define security in a wireless environment can be boiled down to five elements; they are shown as tightly integrated interdependent components in Figure 1.1:

  1. Theft
  2. Access Control
  3. Authentication
  4. Encryption
  5. Safeguards

Total Chapters: 18

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