WhyNotWin11 | Check if your PC isn't Windows 11 Release Ready | Get more information than the Microsoft tool

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Detection Script to help identify why your PC isn’t Windows 11 Release Ready.



Download latest stable release

Download latest testing release
Keep in mind that you will have to update testing releases manually

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended
OS Windows 8.1 Latest Windows 10 Build
CPU 32-bit Single Core 64-bit Dual Core or Higher
RAM (Memory) 40MB Free 100MB Free
Disk (Storage) 5MB Free 100MB Free
Limitations DirectX 12 Check Inaccurate None


  1. Download and run “AutoIt Full Installation” from official website.
  2. Get the source code either by downloading zip or do git clone https://github.com/rcmaehl/WhyNotWin11.
  3. Right click on WhyNotWin11.au3 in the WhyNotWin11 directory and select "Compile Script (x64) (or x86 if you have 32 bit Windows install).
  4. This will create WhyNotWin11.exe in the same directory.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for rules of coding and pull requests.

If you want to help with translations check translating guidelines.


WhyNotWin11 is free and open source software, it is using the LGPL-3.0 license.

See LICENSE for the full license text.


A table that explains the Windows 11 Insider Preview compatibility

list of supported Intel processors