Where to buy Cheap crypto and resell to binance to make money

Please who knows any legit platform where I can buy crypto very cheap and resell on binance platform to make daily profit? Please I sincerely need contribution on everyone knowledgable on this. Thanks


There is nothing like cheap crypto.Everyone would be doing it if there was a way.

Am from Nigeria and I want to do arbitrage with my local currency. Ok how about I ask any trusted crypto exchanges I can use to buy crypto?

Try to explore by searching on google with the keywords “Local crypto” it will show you results of different websites which have local buyers which will help you to talk to them and buy in your local currency. For example, if I do it then I have these results:

Here go to the first website you will see and make an account and start to talk to the sellers you might also be able to bargain a little but beware not everyone will give you a good trade.

Happy Learning! :grin: