What Would You Do With 1 Billion Emails?

Tell me what you do if you have 1 billion emails of your niche?


1. I will Sell my products
2. Upsell products and services from amazon, aliexpress… etc. personalized offers, upsell emails tend to perform way better.
3. Affiliate marketing, like referral link commission.
4. Advertisement or renting out my email list

I see, a lot of folks don’t realize the potential of email marketing until they realize that they could benefit immensely from an email list.

You can approach such advertisers directly, or you can find email list brokers like Info USA, List Giant, or Mailing List Direct.

There are many other things I can do if you want me to elaborate do let me know… :slight_smile:


Is it legal to send affiliate marketing promotional mails without their consent? I have seen there are few listings on eBay selling millions of emails for cheap prices.

If yes, can you explain us how can we send tons of emails in one single click? Clearly IDK anything about email marketing.

Why asking?
Drop the email list then I’ll tell you

i think i can find you that 1 bil email list link if you tell me how I can mass email them, its a list compiled of several list
Edit: I have the link its almost 2 bil emails, like i said its a collection of collections

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Can you please share the link of all the emails ?
It would be useful to me.

Lol i personally have. 15million email dumps. What will be the best use of it?


If you have any idea about demographic conditions you can use it for ads. I mean if mails belongs to any specific country or language group would make it more precious.

any means of jv for your big email list, Bro?

Would be of help to me, is you don’t mind sending

Anybody can share the method to send emails in bulk? I mean for free :sweat_smile:

I need your advice can you help me.

I may consider using it to offer 1M follow or subscribe in social media for money! People are crazy to get followers and subscribers on social media.

After securing all 1 billion emails, in about a year or so, I would then mass register each one to a simulated sip device, that is registered to an email. Beforehand I would have to install a native Android system and have dedicated apps installed. Somehow I will have to figure out a way to auto streamline the updates, data transfer, ping transmission, all the hits, bing bang boom, all 1 billion devices should be up and running in a year or two. Again, somehow, I gotta figure out a way to have all devices sync to the IO of the system, which would be a single device that will StreamCast its movements and ghost my clicks. All 1 billion devices synced to one device, but all acting independently, in 5 years? Then, I don’t know, start by opening an Instagram account. Each device would auto-fill its own unique user key and auto-generated passwords. Perhaps, during the first two years, develop a machine learning AI to detect errors and annoying popups. It would reboot if it senses trouble, have it’s own openvpn connection. But that will take alot of work.

Realistically, I would use it to Mass send a message, like

'Hey! Let’s hang out soon! OXO

and ‘accidentally’ add a CC of all 1 billion emails and a couple of crushes on BCC in the mix, and when they say something about it, like - “Holy sh*t dude, who you sending these too?” I’ll be like, “Oh yeah, I just wanted something low key, you know?” That’s what I’ll end up doing.