What Motivates You?

Most people spend their life chasing something.

No matter what it is, it seems people always have something they’re fixated on. A milestone, an achievement, a Great Perhaps.

It could be literally anything. It could be a dream job, a house, a car, even something like self-actualization.

My point still stands.

For so many people in this world, it’s the chase that motivates them. In their eyes, they’re the ambitious challenger, the determined predator, chasing down their goals with passion.


The chase is what gets so many people up in the morning. They see themselves as the lion, chasing down their goals like prey.

That might motivate them, but not me. I’ve found another mindset to be much more effective in keeping me set on my goals.

Let’s use the photo above for reference. I don’t view myself as the lion in the analogy.

If I wanna get anything done, I have to adopt the hyena mindset. I’m prey. I have no choice but to keep moving forward. It’s survival of the fittest. Succeed or suffer.

Because at the end of the day, what happens if the lion is unsuccessful in his chase? He stops his pursuit and that’s it. No real consequences. But he hasn’t achieved anything either. He’s no predator, but not quite prey either.

He’s in that gray area. Too weak and unmotivated to excel, but too insured by his status for the true consequences of failure. He’s dead weight.

But what about the hyena? He doesn’t have the luxury of failure in the slightest. Even one slip-up, and he’s gone. Dead, left to rot away as the world carries on without him, until his last remnant is reduced to nothingness.

To motivate myself, I imagine myself as the hyena.

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