What is Zip Attack 😍


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Zip bombs are very small files, that when unzipped, can expand from some few kilo bytes to thousands of terabytes, they are usually used to take out antivirus software.
Zip bombs of course has a single base, a text file containing only 0s Usually that text file is 4GB, written in either notepad or wordpad, how you make a Zip File is explained below


:fire:Open notepad or word pad and write in 1000 zeros and then you should have a text file of about 1Kb

:fire:Now use the CTR+A, CTR+C, CTR+A buttons on your keyboard to select all, copy the selected and then paste it(respectively)

:fire:Repeat step 2 until your text file becomes 4GB

:fire:Now save the text file under any name with of course a .txt extension, so now you have a 4GB text file containing only of zeros @Cyber_stock_official

:fire:Now Compress this text file into a zip file(This will be our base) let’s call it zip1

:fire:Now copy this zip file(zip1) 17 times and now you will have 17 copies of the original zip1 file, and now zip all these zip1 files into 1 zip file let’s call it zip2, now zip2 contains 17 zip1s
Now make 17 copies of zip2 and zip it into zip3

:fire:Now continue step 6 until you have gone to zip5 or 5 layers, each containing 17 zip files
Now you know how to make a zip bomb, here is how it’s used, hackers place zip bombs near their malware, so the zip bomb acts as a bait and the anti virus tries to open this zip file but then gets 17 smaller zip files and opens them, and the size increases unexpectedly fast and the antivirus will either crash or stop opening these zip files and temporarly shut down, now the Malware will do its magic…u can use this file to annoy ur friends and for professional hackers use this trick to hide ur malwares don’t open this on ur pc


Nice Information :+1:


this trick is older than my grand pa… you realy think that you can fool an antivirus with this ? :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Pure madness! Bro is lock down taking you down. Get ourself a Red Bull and turn up the music a little. Chillax!

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Hey Dude,
Don’t let the comments above put you off.
Keep the great ideas coming! :slight_smile:
Thank you!


This reminds me of how people used to spoof having all kinds of data to share on Shareaza, and DC++ and other types like it. Where you could make it appear as if you’re sharing nearly limitless amounts of files, when NTFS compression is used it amounts to literally nothing in size, because it contains only space characters. Had a good time with a prank program once that did exactly this, except it kept the NTFS compression off from said files, so the C: drive filled nearly instantly to whatever capacity it could.

There’s a unix command line to do this. You can even break the 4GB limit.

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