What happens after carding a website and getting item delivered?

I am not carder. I am just asking this for knowledge. I am not supporting carding or asking anyone to card for me.

So lets suppose a website is cardable and a carder is able to make payments. Seller ships the item internationally (suppose from UK to India) and item delivered (no import duty, nothing to show as ID, directly delivered). Owner of the card, files chargeback to credit card company. He gets refund (which in most cases).

Will the website owner come or send somebody to ask to return the product from where it got delivered? or anything? What can happen here? Will the website owner be at loss? or buyer? or credit card company?

What are worst case scenarios can happen to where item is getting delivered? Consider it as item is not electronics and no import duty on it.


Not sure how the laws in India are but here in Canada, once the card owner realizes this, they call the card company and the card is cancelled. Never, ever do they send the police or whoever to that address to see what’s going on, it is physically impossible for them to respond to every single fraudulent transaction, waaay to much of it goes on. The card company takes the loss and that’s the reason why the cc interest rates are the way they are, hope this helps.


thank you so much for your reply!

Yes, this is within your country. I was talking about internationally. but I got an idea from what you said. It is not possible for any country to carry investigation within country then how it can be possible to carry out investigation outside country.


NIA will reach at your location and arrest you and you have to go to prison for 10 years or more. Dont ever do carding . One of my neighbor did that and that happened to him


non sense police don’t have time to get hold of a guy who stole 1k worth product.


they will wen 1k turns to lacs


No website which has a 1 lakh product on sale have such low security that carding would be possible

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Brother, so many people have posted “carding” stuff on here…ya just got to do a little searching, that’s all. ***However, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but if finding out the answer to this is this difficult for you, then maybe you should just leave it alone, in case stuff screws up…,

but u can buy 1k product 1000s of times then u will be under the radar
generally ppl get greedy then after 2-3 years when they come under the scanner they get caught

this is scary… hope it is not true

Its true. He was using carded smartphone and got arrested by NIA. He was my neighbor when i was living as a paying guest at that time.

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is it covered by any newspaper or something? I would like to read about it. He must have done inside the country. I am here talking about internationally and on items where there is no import duty and you need not to show any ID card.

it doesn’t matter whether it is an international transaction or national, in both cases, you will be defrauding the CC company. ofc they won’t come after you if it is done once, however, they will ruin your life when they do come after you.

requirements of ID card at the customs will not change anything because your CC will be linked to your address and identity.

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Read this and learn most of it:

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Lastly, if you need more of it, how to, where to, this and that, Simply search with the word ‘‘Carding’’ you will get almost 99% fair guide and content of carding that supposed to get published.

Sweetie, sweetheart, take it easy, it’s not like that, your feedback sounds a threat. lol

Carding is possible, many hackers/carders did it and succeed without getting arrested, the differences are, a newbie might definitely rest in prison, don’t ever read and start trying it (this might be a danger) but professionals never do the deed thoughtlessly no matter they are Pros, they wait for the weak holes, and they understand the do’s & don’ts more than you or anyone else may ever understands it. in short, it’s a deep hole, darkness, keep carding limited only for increasing knowledge, but don’t do it until unless you know how worse or good it can be for you. anyway, don’t say such things that never published on news, if you supposed to make awareness then you shouldn’t have done this way, coz it sounds like a threat more than awareness.

Happy Learning Folks! :+1:


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