What Are The Best One-minute Life Hacks?

Note: Exactly, ain’t no idea if they are one minute hacks but here’s the list

  • If someone asks you for nudes and you don’t want to send any, just send the text “Did you get it?” without sending any pictures
  • Got a number that’s spamming you? Pick up the phone and answer with: “thank you for calling West field Sperm Bank. You spank it, we bank it.” Works like a charm
  • If you have a song stuck in your head just listen to it and it’ll stop
  • Wanna drive safer. Pretend every other driver is stupid. That’ll raise your cautions
  • With 30% off, you save some money. But by not even buying it, you save 100%. Damn those coupons trying to tempt me every time
  • When friends are over and you need to take a dump or pee. Just put tissue into the toilet before you go. You don’t hear embarrassing noises and the water from the toilet doesn’t splash back up
  • Put your clothes in the dryer before going out in the cold weather
  • Get your oil changed every 3,000 miles
  • You don’t need to be friend with people you don’t like
  • Keep an empty pack of gum in your bag so that if someone asks you for some, you can take out the empty pack and say it was your last one.
  • Many car repairs are simple with the help of a search engine.
  • If you want an e-book version of a classic but can’t find it on amazon, kindle, search for it with pdf following the title and author. FREE. Worked for me on several occasions.
  • If you don’t want people to talk to you. Put headphones in and not play any music! Works almost every time
  • You can park wherever you want if you put your hazard lights on and take your tire off
  • Instead of using the space bar try the letter ‘K’ it will always pause the youtube video without going down to the comment section

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1. Black Out the Windows in Your Bedroom

Use black contractor trash bags if you have to but block out ALL of the light in your room.

It will have a profound impact on the quality of your sleep and help you perform far better during the day.

2. Say This ONE Word


That’s it.

When you don’t feel like doing something, use this 2-second life hack and save yourself hours of time and plenty of headaches.

3. Make Someone Love You in 60 Seconds

Here’s a great life hack that takes only 60 seconds.

Make other people look good.

Seriously, the next time you’re in a group of people, take one minute and compliment/praise someone else in the group.

They will love you for making them look good publicly and other people will respect you more because you hung up your ego and focused the attention on someone else.

4. Buy These Three Things and Keep them at Your Office

Buy a kettlebell, a blue light machine, and a standing desk extension.

It will make your days far healthier and more productive and will cost you less than $300.

I promise it’s worth it.

5. Spend the First 60 Seconds Of Your Day Like THIS

When you wake up, drink a large glass of lemon water and then stand outside in the sunlight barefoot.

This will wake you up, invigorate you, and pull you out of your morning slump faster than any cup of coffee.


  • If you are working on a laptop and can’t stop looking at your phone, hide it behind your laptop.

  • When you meet someone, don’t point out if they’re really tall or short or any other significant physical feature. They already know and are tired of hearing about it.

  • Put nails polish on different keys to organise what opens what.

  • Running low on battery? Put your phone on airplane mode and it’ll charge much Faster.

  • Can’t think of what to get someone for there birthday or as gift? Tell them you already got them a gift and to guess what it is. Then BOOM! They will tell you some ideas of what they want.

  • If you believe someone is lying to you, don’t say anything. If they continue to elaborate on what they’re saying then they are lying.

  • Dropped your phone in water? Put it in a bag of rice. The rice will absorb the water and can potentially save your phone from death.

  • Make an ‘X’ on a bug bite with your fingernail. The itch will go away.

  • Want to get rid of bad breath? Brushing your teeth is important but it’s more important to brush your tongue. That’s where bad breath starts.

  • Want a great haircut? Tell the barber that you have an important interview next week. Giving them a purpose ensures a good job.

  • Not sure if a pair of shoes fits, & no time to try them on? Your foot is the same size as your forearm.

  • When showing people pictures on your phone, zoom in a little bit so they can’t swipe to other pictures.

  • If you are unable to make a good eye contact then see the area between the eyes of the person, it exactly looks like that you are seeing in the eyes.

Recognize these scenarios?

Boyfriend : “Where do you want to eat for lunch today?”
Girlfriend : “Oh, I don’t know…

Friend 1 : “Hey, I’ll be in town next week - when do you want to catch up?”
Friend 2 : “ I don’t know…

Sister 1 : “Hey sis! When do you want to Skype today?
Sister 2 : “ Hmm… I don’t know!

The cereal section of a store : “Hey customer, what kind of cereal are you looking for?”
Customer : “ No idea.

If you’re like me and most people, you or someone you know may suffer from choice overload . Basically, people have a hard time making a confident decision when they’re overwhelmed with too many options.

What does this lead to? A lot of headaches and unfulfilled plans.

A simple way to “hack” through choice overload is to ditch the open-ended questions above and to straight up offer the other person 2–3 reasonable choices (that you think would work for both of you).

In a perfect world :

Boyfriend : “Hey, I was looking at some places for a quick lunch today. Want to go to 1) Chipotle, 2) Seoul Taco, or 3) that BBQ joint around the corner?
Girlfriend : “Oh, Seoul Taco sounds good - let’s go!”

Friend 1 : “Hey, I’ll be in town next week. Want to catch up next Wednesday or Thursday?”
Friend 2: “My Wednesday is pretty open - let’s hang out then!”

Sister 1 : “Hey sis! Did you want to Skype at 5 PM before dinner, or at 8 PM after dinner?
Sister 2 : “Hmm, 8 PM after dinner works better for me!”

The cereal section of a store : “Hey customer, do you want Cocoa Puffs or Trix?”
Customer : “Ha, good one. Trix are for kids!… I’ll take the Trix…”

*For those who are interested, I learned this after starting my full-time job just a few months ago.

People are very aware of choice overload in the business world, and do this all the time when scheduling future meetings with clients.

Yet, this “hack” also applies to pretty much every conversation outside of work and business. Try it yourself and get rid of the headaches that come from stagnant, open-ended questions.


I don’t know how many of you guys already know this little trick, but this helps very much in day to day life.

We all know that how pathetic mobile phones’ batteries are these days. So, we have to keep charging our phones and on top of that the small length charging cables.

Now, Most of the time charging ports are above Head level like this:

So, One struggles to use his or her phone while charging it and has to keep phone in hand position which gets uncomfortable after a few minutes:

Now, There is this little app called Screen Rotation Direction which helps to rotate phone display upside down i.e., reverse portrait:

So, virtually the charging port of your mobile gets on the top and now, you can comfortably use your phone while charging it:

I know it should not be used while charging but let’s face it we all do.


Anyway, it just takes 1-2 seconds.


Initially it will be hard to do it. But when you master this, it will come automatically when you don’t want to do something

This is new for me. Thank you :slight_smile:


This simple hack can save you from getting spam emails.

  1. Every time you register with your gmail account on a website, put a ‘+’ sign after the username. For example your email id is [email protected] and you are registering on amazon, register with [email protected] . The gmail/google accounts ignores the ‘+’ sign and anything after it. This simple hack can save you as the next time you receive an email from unknown source, just check the ‘To’ option and if you find ‘[email protected]’, this means amazon is selling your emails and you can unsubscribe from the email list and get relieved from getting spam emails.

Some more hacks that can save time.

  1. If you’re trying to quit smoking, go to sauna three days a week in a row. It will sweat out the nicotine and you’ll find it easier to quit smoking.
  2. This will be unbelievable to some but really works. Chewing the same flavor of gum in the exam as you did during study improves memory.
  3. Flattened pillow? Put it in sun for 30 minutes. The sun will evaporate the moisture and you’ll get your original fluffy one again.
  4. When someone tells you how much they make an hour in a full time job, double it and add three zeroes. That’s what they make per year.
  5. Pizza hack: One 18 inch pizza is more than two 12 inch pizzas. Next time you order, use this to your advantage and get the best possible deal.

before calling Dominos pizza … clap 3 times and while call ongoing say Free 3 times… you’ll get discount 80% discount or free sometimes

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  1. If you have to charge your phone at your friend’s house, leave your bike/car keys by the phone so you can’t leave without it.
  2. Three things to keep private: Love Life, Income, Next big Move.
  3. Want to know if someone has romantic feelings for you? Look at their eyes! People’s pupils expand by 45% when looking at a love interest
  4. Talk to someone you love, every day.
  5. When you’re confused between two options, flip a coin in the air. Not to decide, but you’ll get to know what you want when it’s in the air!
  6. You spend all your health initially for wealth and then you spend all your wealth for one day of good health.
  7. Always drink more water in the morning and less in the night for better digestion.
  8. Carry a water bottle during presentation, if you forget what to say then drink, no one will notice.
  9. The most powerful way to win an argument is by asking questions. You’d be surprised at how it can make people see the flaws in their logic.

Just have a look at it!

If you’re in search of the cheapest products in the store, look for them on the top shelves. This stock is never placed at eye level.

Candles will last longer if you put them in the freezer for a few hours.

To check printer ink for quality, print a page with the Google logo on it. It contains all the main colours.

Eat just one banana for breakfast, and it will lift your mood and help to you cope with negative emotions. But make sure that you eat something before eating the banana, as it is not a substitute for breakfast. Do not eat banana on an empty stomach, as it can cause a sudden insulin response.

Coffee before a workout will increase metabolism and boost the fat-burning process.

If you get bitten by a mosquito, place a hot spoon on the bite.

Drees in the colours that zoo employees wear. The animals won’t be afraid of you and won’t hide.

If you listen to music while working out, you can lift 15 percent more weight.

Eat slowly to gain less weight.

Take a nap during the day but not sleep more than 9hours.

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from google play its called Screen rotation control

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