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Hello Guys ,
I just wanted to ask some questions that are really bothering me for while . It’s about web design . Suppose I am a web developer and I got my first client . So i designed a website for him on WordPress

The question is how do I transfer the ownership of that website to him ?

And will I need to buy a website on WordPress for Designing it ? Or Could we do it for free

I know it is simple for you guys but I am really stressed by this .

Plz guys Help me out, that would be great



I have the same question??? Anyone help us??

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You can download wordpress locally and design the website and show it to him . If he is satisfied by the design than ask him to pay for hosting and domain name . After than push that site to the specified domain . Give him login credentials . That’s it.

If there is anything else , dm me on instagram @siddhant4real

also can you tell me what are ways You use to get clients?

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Thank you for your help

You can use any localhost like xampp to build your website locally on your computer.
You can also sign up for a free web host to showcasing your work to the client.
Then ask your client to buy domain and hosting(and SSL) and provide you the login details.
You then set up everything, and deliver with the login details

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Thanks man :slight_smile:


The easiest way to setup and develop a wordpress website is to use Local By Flywheel
in just a few clicks you can setup your wordpress website and only by one click you can generate an online link so your client can see their website

hope this can help you

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In designing wordpress sites you may want to take a look at DIVI or ELEMENTOR. It can make designing wordpress sites easier. However these products are paid.

Good luck!

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