Web app to keep track of coronavirus


As the world is suffering from coronavirus, I thought this will be helpful for one hack community so I’m posting this here.

You can access the Web app here: https://corona-tracker-2020.netlify.com/

Corona-tracker is an app that uses COVID-19 API to show the current status of Coronavirus around the globe with the primary focus on India. Indian data is retrieved from api-covid-19-india.

Source code available on GitHub.

Disclaimer: I am the creator of the app and if you have any feedback or issues, you can open an issue on GitHub.

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There’s also the official ArcGIS CSSE-based Covid-19 tracking page (which is used by a lot of televisions and government officials in the world):



Thank you for the update! :mag:


Also check out https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
I think this one is more up to date because it’s mentioning the two people that recovered in South-Africa and the other ones show 0 recovered.


Neat web app!

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indians could use : Covidout.in

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Check out this covid 19 visualiser for real time daily information about the total number of cases recorded per country and the case fatality rates (CFR).

Just click on the country of interest on the world map shown to see the details.



One of my friend wrote this article about Coronavirus and I think this is worth reading. You may think it is link-promotion but it’s not. He has neatly derived all the facts and important aspects of the virus. I think this article will clear many doubts and help you know more about Covid-19 here -> LINK

Furthermore, I talked to him and and gave a link to your tracker. He said he was interested to learn how he can feed LIVE data into his website. If you have time and can explain how you did it, please reply to this thread.

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Share source plz

Detailed India COVID-19 Coronavirus disease report according to states and many other filters

Ask him to check this: https://github.com/soroushchehresa/awesome-coronavirus

If he needs specific help, please email me at [email protected]

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Hello Akashrajum. I have forwarded him the site and I saw it. It is awesome. keep up the good work man !! Truly Appreciated,

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Hello Dears,

There is lot of websites available on internet. But i recommend this site : Corona Tracker India. It’s Adfree, fastest with accuracy. You can get News of Cases and Death.

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