Vue Mastery's courses are free this weekend will be unlocking all of thier premium courses next April 13 at 12 AM ET until April 19, 11:59 PM ET, making them free for a whole week. You can reserve your spot.

Link : Reserve Now


Thank you for the Share


Thank you for this


Any of you guys know how to download course lessons? Besides video, they also have complementary text and image in the same page where the video is hosted.

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thanks for the heads up!

check this i have some stuff, even without login you can see the video

and this is the tool i have used to download :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oppss seems link doesn’t work … I think it worked, or maybe they set a session. anyway you can try it yourself


looks like that git repo just pulls the videos off of vimeo - has anyone found a way to grab all the html / project info etc as well as the videos?

looks like the div id=“lessonContent” class=“lesson-content unlock” holds all the info and you can extract that into an html file fine (doesn’t seem to work well for chrome save complete web page) >_< i may try to use php / html simple dom to see if i can loop through it all as thats too many pages to save by hand

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yeaa that’s not a bad thing or maybe waiting someone to write the code :sneezing_face:

I found this one site that has the project code sources and written lectures for free, the videos seem to be hosted on a paid website (total rip off lol) lin is
PS: I’m new here sorry if i’m breaking any rules.

Also: I don’t know hot to use the tool could anyone please provide some explanation,

Thanks for sharing!! :ok_hand:

update: Nevermind my video download question, I found a way around it, with a google chrome extention lol. Although if someone wants to spit some knowledge i wouldn’t mind xD

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this site has course written lectures and projects docs check it out

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That’s cool. How do you use that github tool? Do you download the entire thing with zip, extract it, and run a command line on that folder?

Really nice. It does have the lesson material, so we just need to complement the videos with this.

you need to install node and ideally git to clone the repo… its kinda basic though imho all its doing is downloading the videos you still need the course content so if you know know either of those i really wouldn’t bother… i was hoping it was going to grab everything together including source code etc

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I figured so, I’m pretty new to programming and vue.js is what got me srsly interested in web dev, so i’ve plenty of course materials covering the basics, mostly javascript, in order to get me well prepared to learn vue. so that’s why i had to ask that dumb question.

As for grabbing everything it seems a far reach for now, what i’m planning to do is bruteforce it kinda, download the videos and the course materials separately and organize them according to the original website, i’ll post a link here somewhere if get it done. i’ll let y’all know


Excellent, looking forward to that. Let us know.

Awesome. Thank you @MNation.

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bonus would be to add in the video player and that lesson side bar but i figured thats just icing on the cake we really just needed the content ripped before the week ended lol