Userrecon-py | Username Recognition On Various Websites & Social Networks

To completely perform reconnaissance to someone, you have to find digital data about target on any websites or social media. Because the data found in any website is very important to deduce correctly who this person really is. You can use any OSINT tools to perform reconnaissance, but you have to try tool called “ userrecon-py ” to perform username Recognition on any Websites and Social networks.


Username recognition on various websites and social networks to find any accounts that related to target and also digital data about the target. Coded by decoxviii .


With pip3

# Linux 
sudo -H pip3 install git+ --upgrade
userrecon-py --help

Build from source

# Linux 
git clone ; cd userrecon-py 
sudo -H pip3 install -r requirements.txt 
python3 build 
sudo python3 install


Start by printing the available actions by running userrecon-py --help . Then you can perform the following tests:

# print all results.
 userrecon-py target decoxviii --all -o test 

# print positive results.
userrecon-py target decoxviii --positive -o test 

# print negative results.
userrecon-py target decoxviii --negative  -o test



Thanks Friend. Very useful.

I will say that after testing it for a while it seems to get stuck on certain sites and never recover. The last update on this was 10 months ago, so not sure if it will help for me to file a bug/issue.

It should allow you to interrupt and move onto the next site.

Really great though; when it works, it is awesome.