Useful Resources That Fulfill Most Of Your Needs Online V2 ❇

Resources that fulfill most of your needs online :man_shrugging:

:heavy_minus_sign: Commontools :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: How could I miss this tool? Actually, it’s not the tool. It’s 100 plus free tools that I didn’t know before. And you didn’t know either. So if you go to Commontools, you’re going to find an insane library of more than 100 different tools. Free tools creators, students, writers, developers, Compare code line, animated graded, background generator, online image editor, free logo maker, noise, temperature converter, exposure, calculator, The list goes on and on.

:heavy_minus_sign: Simplilearn :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Get hundreds of free courses and free certificates. If you go to Simply Learn, you’ll access the world’s number one online bootcamp, find thousands of free courses from major universities and companies, and browse among the free ones that also give you a certificate of completion. Check all details of each course. You can find short or longer ones for any topic.

:heavy_minus_sign: Keevi :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: If you go to keevi you’ll find probably the most complete collection of different tools to do anything related with. Video online editor, video translator, video transcription, give composer, video residence. The list really goes on and on. I love the video-to-text feature as well as the YouTube cutter. And you can start for free with the 720 exports. Enjoy.

:heavy_minus_sign: Magisto :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: This will become a video superhero by creating beautiful videos for any users within minutes. By choosing among those beautiful and easy-to-use templates.

:heavy_minus_sign: Axiom :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Boosts your productivity by building your own automations for every single task that you do daily.

:heavy_minus_sign: Everypixel :heavy_minus_sign:
The first search engine empowered by AI to find the perfect images.

:heavy_minus_sign: Brandyourself :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Improve your online reputation, protect your online privacy and control your data online.

:heavy_minus_sign: Beautiful :heavy_minus_sign:
No more boring presentations. It’s 2022, guys. Use of Templates please

:heavy_minus_sign: Vidsplay :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Download stock video footage clips in the high-definition. Subject lines Find over 12 million different subject lines for your emails.

:heavy_minus_sign: Befree :heavy_minus_sign:

:infinity: Create beautiful emails and landing pages easier than ever.

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Amazing Websites | Resources That Fulfill Most Of Your Needs Online :sparkle:


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Simplilearn as a company is very shallow! I worked there and found out it doesn’t really care about the employees. Every thing that glitters is not gold.


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