Udemy Course Downloader and Scripts so far working


A cross platform application for downloading Udemy Courses

Udeler Link >>> https://github.com/FaisalUmair/udemy-downloader-gui

How to use Udeler Authenticator? If not using direct in app login feature

  1. Install the extension from here
  2. After installing/enabling the extension, open udeler desktop app, you will see a new anonymous icon on the login page. Click the icon and it will start to listen for any login requests from your chrome web browser.
  3. Open Udemy website on your chrome web browser and simply login to your account. Udeler app will detect the login and will let you in. If you are already logged in to Udemy, you can simply visit the website and it will still detect your account.


A cross-platform python based utility to download courses from udemy for personal offline use.

r0oth3x49/udemy-dl >>> https://github.com/r0oth3x49/udemy-dl

How to login with cookie

Command to run script

python udemy-dl.py https://www.udemy.com/course/oracle-java-certification-shortest-way-to-crack-oca-1z0-808/ -k access_token.txt


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Thank you chief @SaM. I still use the gui udeler, works everytime :heart:


Thanks SAM, it’s working for me.

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Does it downloaded Udemy paid courses I mean those courses in which you’re not enrolled?

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You have to be enrolled to a course to be able to download it with udeler.


Thank you for your information :blush:

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I am able to download the regular course.but the course which is removed and avaiable to the person who has brought the course.is not able to download .

any body help me how to download

If it is not clear, with these two methods you can only download courses that you have in your udemy account. Try using Udeler first, download it, install it and then enter your udemy login/password and it will load all the courses that you have, then choose one, and download it, that’s all.

Thanks a lot, I was looking for the same thing. <3

thanks. appreciated :smiley:

This works like a charm … Thanks a million @TheJoker

I have Udeler but the anonymous icon not appears to me. What happens?
And this anonymous login enable you to download any udemy course, even the ones you’re not in?

The same question asked above, and 2 or 3 users Answered already, let me make it clear once again.
You can only download a Course that is Enrolled by you, means that available into your account, No matter what trick, no matter what hack or script, No one can download a Course that they did not Enroll. what your account has in it, you can only download that. no outside courses may ever get download if you don’t have them into your account.

I’m sure this is pretty clear and enough to Understand mate. :+1:


Sorry, I did not see. : / Thanks for you patience

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Thank you for this wonderful script. However, I’m unable to install the extension on chrome as it gives error. Could you explain how to install extension outside the webstore?

Thank you!

No, it’s for already purchased course.

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